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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Demosthenes, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Medora

    Medora The New Architect

    Oh, right: it's been so long since I've last promoted someone that I forgot that a new staff members submit a detailed profile in a topic titled "Staff List" in Requisite Reading, my announcement forum.
  2. si_reading

    si_reading Aspirant

    Usually annonce it to current Staff. But not to all the member base.

    The members usually notice after a few days anyway, just don't want the massive attention on the new Club Staff member really in the first day as can cause problems.
  3. Anth

    Anth Mad

    I announce it in our Latest News forum whenever a promotion is made to keep people in the loop and the new moderator normally posts in their relevant topic forum introducing themselves so the forum "natives" know who to call if they have any problems. I don't generally announce when an existing moderator takes on an extra forum unless its part of a further staff review but the moving moderator will normally post in their new forum.
  4. karrott

    karrott Developer

    I usually post an announcement with some history about the user, and a brief introduction. I also encourage members to congratulate the mod in private messages. I think it's a great way to get the community to get to know the staff right from the beginning. However, I'll never make an announcement when a staff member is fired, unless they resign and have a good reason that the community should know.
  5. GamesGaloure

    GamesGaloure Pre-School

    I tell members about Staff members and allways will do, plus every forum I've ever been on they've always let the members know if somebody has been appointed as a mod or whatever.
  6. DavidL

    DavidL Aspirant

    If it's a site with a expected large userbase then yes, but if it's just a few members, then no.
  7. SC_Wooden

    SC_Wooden Aspirant

    I announce it so that people are aware of it and so that they are sending him their issues too and not just the old admins and mods
  8. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey Aspirant

    On my site I actually started a new Thread called "Knighting Ceremony" where we announce the new staff and knight them with their new responsibilities and staff position. Than we let the rest of the staff just congratulate them and even Haze them in a fun way to make them feel welcomed.... Sounds funny and wacky but everyone on our staff group seems to enjoy it. I think its always a great idea to give recognition when its due and to introduce any changes in the staff, even if its a promotion. =]
  9. noodleman

    noodleman Enthusiast

    I'd PM the member being promoted asking if they want it to be announced or if they just want to keep it quiet. This way they can decide if they want the attention do be drawn to them or not. :yup:
  10. JoshH99

    JoshH99 Team MyBB

    Same with me... Promote, and move on to something else.
  11. NickCF

    NickCF I come from a land Down Under...

    We don't publicly announce new moderators, only in the mod forum.
  12. BananaQueen

    BananaQueen Adherent

    i usually welcome new staff in the news thing at the top of the forum
  13. MarvellousDan

    MarvellousDan Participant

    Never have. I let them discover it for themselves. Other members generally start an "OMG, [xyz] is a mod!!!1" thread anyway so I don't have to.
  14. I always announce it :). I find its important to keep members upto date on staff. I think its only fair. Beside its a confidence booster for staff to see congratulations or well done replies.
  15. Namorat

    Namorat Duder

    I think this only works well on forums that don't have much fluctuation in their staff base :)
  16. RSNF

    RSNF Neophyte

    I do not announce it because in the past when I have it has put added pressure on the new moderator or moderators making them feel that they are being watched closely by the members who did not get promoted.
  17. HallofFamer

    HallofFamer Habitué

    I always announce it, dont see a reason not to. If you do not announce new staff, you are either not trusting your staff or not trusting your members. Its not a good sign for a healthy forum.
  18. R44

    R44 Asperger's Network? Absolutely.

    Well, I think that it is better to announce new staff - New hands and change is not well coped with when you run an autism board.
  19. Nando de mo

    Nando de mo Adherent

    The downside is that it could bring unwanted attention or annoyances. The plus-side is it could ignite the spirit of the community.

    It's good when you have a member that is well liked. This was true for one of my forums. The poster that became a mod was someone who many people liked or recognized. I remember the section for that particular forum announcing him as an addition as a new moderator in the section. The members congratulated him, including those who feel connected to him. I gave him my congratulations. I recall how I did weird stuff around his presence sometimes. I thought he was cool for the most part though. I don't know if he finds me strange or what. But I think he does respect me. The event with him is something I look up to, for when if I become a moderator myself one day for one of my other forum.
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  20. Scribbler397

    Scribbler397 Enthusiast

    I think that announcing it is a good thing. It makes the new staff member feel like they are now an important part of the community, and might make them take their responsibility more seriously if they know that everyone else knows that they are now staff.

    It is also a good way to showcase the kind of exemplary members you want on your board, because everyone else interested in becoming a staff member will step up their game in hopes of being the subject of the next staff announcement.

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