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Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Demosthenes, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Demosthenes

    Demosthenes Resident Mancunian

    Do you do it, or do you just 'silently' add new moderators? When I add a new forum staff member it is quite a big event, since we only promote staff from our registered user pool. We post an announcment thread detailing a bit about the new staffer, why they were chosen and so on and it gives everyone else a chance to say what they will.

    I have noticed though that some forums don't say a word, a user becomes a staff member overnight with no attention drawn to it by the administration whatsoever.

    What's your strategy on this?
  2. Karl

    Karl XMB Forum Support. Mgr

    I have always announced new staff in my feedback forum and my last staff intake was done after posting asking for members who were interested to email me and then we shortlisted them ie myself and my team of Staff. :)
  3. Morganna

    Morganna Mistress of Mayhem

    Well you've probably noticed that TAZ sneaks its staff into place... although the majority of them are drawin from the memberbase.

    on my own sites, I announce it... why should I put up with all the grief when I've got menials... ahem .. I mean staff to take the flack for me :lildevil:
  4. Harro

    Harro Fan

    I always announce it.
    See no reason why not to announce.
    I think it's also a good way to show your appreciation for the things that the member already has done.
  5. hari

    hari Tazmanian

    I think some admins fear that by announcing staff changes it will draw too much attention to one particular member and increase pressure on him/her to perform. This is especially true of the busier forums.
  6. Marianna

    Marianna Cheers!

    I always announce it, I don't see why not. It informs members of who are going to be the new moderators and what role they will cover :)
  7. DodgeFB

    DodgeFB Fanatic

    I think it is nice to announce it. The members will notice it anyway. And if any of them have anything to say good or bad they have the chance to let it go.
  8. Big Boss

    Big Boss Snake Eater

    Depends. I've always announced my new staff members on my forums. I think it's a good decision to go for since the other users would get and meet with the new staff members. Besides that staff member will feel like you even care about her or him.
  9. dojo

    dojo Passionate admin

    I don't announce this, I don't know why. It would be nice sometimes to announce them, but most of the time I'm caught with other topics. And since there are many members who'd love a mod position, I keep it silent and just promote some from time to time
  10. DodgeFB

    DodgeFB Fanatic

    How long does it take for the others to notice someone got the job?:)
  11. Psyched

    Psyched Adherent

    I always announce new staff, as much for the new staff member as for the community. I do it in a little announcement in both the staff board and on the board that the new staff will be moderating. If its a promotion to global/super mod I announce it in our general chit chat board and if a current staff takes on or changes to a new board I also announce that. I think its just a nice little touch. I've tried to have my co-admin do it but she believes the community wants to see it come from me ... lol .. no biggie, its actually one of those adminnie things I enjoy doing :)
  12. NoQuarter

    NoQuarter Participant


    If your forum software has Mod/Admin highlighting (a different color or bold/italics for their names in the "Who's Online" queu) it'll be obvious to your observant members. Or if you have a "Forum Leaders" page, linked on the main index, same thing. For Moderators, some forum software indicates who a sub-forum moderator is on the index page, and usually somewhere on the subforum index page, as well.

    We don't have Mod/Admin highlighting, but we do have a Forum Leaders page and Forum Moderators listings. Most of our members pretty much know who the staff members are.
  13. DodgeFB

    DodgeFB Fanatic

    That is why I see no reason not to announce it. [​IMG]
  14. Danny

    Danny Aspirant

    i feel thats better to announcement .. this give is usefule to encourage new staff for doing work better ...
  15. hari

    hari Tazmanian

    When I appointed my staff I hardly had any members to announce to. They are trusted friends who have been with me a long time and so far I've not had a chance to announce any new staff.

    When I do appoint new staff, I think I will announce. On a smaller forum like me, I feel it's necessary.
  16. Sweets

    Sweets Participant

    We let our registered members know that we are in fact looking for mods and have them fill out a short questionnaire on why they want to be a mod. The staff then goes over the questionnaire but the board owner has final say or nay in the selection, although he takes into consideration all of our input. When a member is selected for Modship, it is announced to the registered members.

    Why did I just get promoted here???? <looking around for balloon and tickertape parade>
  17. chance1376

    chance1376 Enthusiast

    We don't announce new moderators mostly because the one's we have added pretty much acted like a mod so to speak before being named. Where they would answer questions that other members had about the site or calm people down if a little spat broke out while they were online. People already looked to them on the site for help or input anyway so really they weren't doing anything new other than move post around. So we don't want it to seem like they need to treat the mod any diffrent and the members should treat the mod the same as always because all members should be treated with respect anyway even if they aren't on the staff.

    Then the other factor is when we have annonced that someone was made a mod we got a million i wanna be a mod email's, pm's and posts to the annoncment. Its nice for people say they would be willing to help but you all know that not everyone is cut out for it. Then you have the person who signed up at the begining of forum time who is miffed they wern't named a mod even though they show up one day ever two weeks and have 8000 post less than person who is on ever day that we just made a mod.

    We are also in a small niche so even though we have 1500+ members alot of people already knew each other before the site on and off line so that could make a difference.
  18. King Justice

    King Justice Enthusiast

    I'd say if it's a small forum, don't bother announcing a new moderator, but if it's a large one, it's like a very good promotion that needs announcement.
  19. MissMoke

    MissMoke I speak Jive

    I don't announce staff changes. I always have an introduction post up, that changes when we add or remove staff.

    I also do not solicit for staff members. I promote those who are helpful and keep the forum lively, not those seeking the power of a staff position.
  20. Aitsukai

    Aitsukai Participant

    Oh, definitely. Along with the usual criteria for choosing mods, I also base my selections on how much desire the person has to help the community. Announcing it is my way of thanking them for their contributions.
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