Analysis and Findings From The August 1, 2018 Google Algorithm Update – Massive Core Ranking Update

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    Forget about Panda and Penguin. Google just rigorously changed its ranking algorithm.

    Article by Glen Cable.

    On August 1, 2018 Google rolled out one of the biggest algorithm updates I’ve ever seen. It was huge and many sites saw significant volatility across categories and countries. The 8/1 update followed similar broad algorithm updates in March and April of 2018, which also caused significant volatility across the web. I wrote a 2-part series covering those spring updates, which you should definitely read. Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed this was a broad core ranking update just like those updates.

    Many sites across the web have been impacted by the August 1 update and Google estimated that it would take over a week to fully roll out.

    Topics in this article:
    • Significant AND Long-term + Relevance AND Quality
    • Relevance, Which *Includes* Quality Overall – From John Mueller
    • A note about Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) and E-A-T
    • Fresh Hits And Digging Deep(er) With Sites Negatively Impacted
    • Many smoking guns, not just one
    • Follow The “Leader”, Flatliners, And The Danger In Doing Nothing.
    • The QRG Is Important, But Combine It With Traditional SEO Audits
    • Next Steps For Site Owners
    • Summary – Google’s Mid-summer Classic Was Huge

    Full article (long read) is here:

    Highly recommended.

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  2. Joel R

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    I had a pretty significant bump to my traffic after August 1. Thanks for the info.
  3. GrrasSolutions

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    I agree with you, most of the website and their ranking had affected that time and same thing happened in March 2019 because Google has launched their new update that's why most of the people are trying to recover their website ranking.
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