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    I'm creating a primarily video-maker, and maybe some other media, community. The users will have many details about them including what they can bring to the creation of videos, or other media projects. I also want to host some of their videos and also embed media hosted remotely into my media libaries.

    After a few months of looking around and trying various CMS' and their add-ons I feel that the combination of Mambo (with its vast array of 3rd party add-ons) and the $60 (£30 is not too much) version of mosMedia is the way to go. Although this allows me to have most features i need and organises the media well, it has one drawback in that users are unable to collaborate online for media projects (although that possibley could be achieved with another add-on, although possiblely not easily integrated) and users are unable to upload their own media (being able to choose which could upload would be even better) and hence videos are not attached to users and the community is less dynamic.

    I was wondering if there are any open-source solutions out there that would suit my needs that I may have overlooked and if not do you think it's better to build around Mambo and mosMedia or simply get a custom cms or, if its cheaper, a custom mambo component built to suit my needs? I don't want to be doing too much coding I have other things to be doing....and we are only students so cash is an issue....

    many thanks

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