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Discussion in 'Internet and Technology' started by Jura, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Jura

    Jura Devotee


    UC Browser I haven't tried, but it's a bit like a Chrome Maxthon. I always wonder why people stick to plain Chrome when some of these split offs have nicer features in addition to Chrome extensions.

    Maxthon is impressive and worth trying if you don't want to try any of the Firefox and Chrome based browsers. Lots of features for something that isn't mooching off what others do.

    Sleipnir if you want Chrome extensions, but value a flashy browser and font.

    Vivaldi is really crappy at the moment, but will be the least Chrome like Chrome and more like old Opera when they start making money, as they're still a start up.
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  2. davemacc

    davemacc Fan

    UC browser for Android is quite good. It's nice and light so works really well on older handsets as well.
  3. LeadCrow

    LeadCrow Apocalypse Admin

    Maxthon's the least bad of alternative borwsers but too bloated for my taste, as does the visually similar Vivaldi.
    Haven't tried the slimmed down MxNitro yet.
  4. PoetJC

    PoetJC ⚧ Jacquii: Black Kween of TSSN ⚧

    I downloaded and have briefly tested Vivaldi. It's really nice actually. Very much reminds of why I fell in love with the original Opera browser.
    I'm not at all familiar with the others - but am quite happy with Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox and Edge. I think Microsoft has a great alternative in the Windows 10 Edge browser :tup:

  5. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Tazmanian Veteran

    So, if you have not tested it or tried it, what is the reason for the post?
  6. Jura

    Jura Devotee

    Download categories.
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  7. ozzy47

    ozzy47 Tazmanian Veteran

    Ahhh. :)
  8. jekyll

    jekyll Enthusiast

    Vivaldi has a neat UI, it just lacks a good engine. What's with all those WebKit/Blink browsers this year? Can't they do any better?
  9. zappaDPJ

    zappaDPJ Administrator

    Every now again Firefox, my main browser of choice, releases a version that seems to hang if a site uses any form of embedded advertising. The current version seems to be one of those versions so I'm certainly looking for other options.
  10. jekyll

    jekyll Enthusiast

    If you're happy with Gecko, you could try K-Meleon (Windows-only) or SeaMonkey. :)
  11. Chadook

    Chadook Aspirant

    Uc Browser for Mobile phones is good, but i think it gets better for OS if they make it look better by adding more features to it.
  12. Brad

    Brad Meh

    Both of those are good but I'm currently using PaleMoon and I'm a fan.
  13. Senpie

    Senpie Aspirant

    Interesting, I personally like the 'Brave' browser.
  14. phatcows

    phatcows Enthusiast

    Me too. Also Comodo IceDragon.
  15. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Administrator

    Vivaldi, from the developers who made the original Opera browser.
  16. Alex.

    Alex. The Ancient Dragon

    Vivaldi is good now. There are some bugs and limitations. Firefox is doing some incredible stuff that's going to come out soon. And by incredible I mean stuff I find cool and most people find boring. I used to like Chrome back in the day but it's become a resource hog over the years.
  17. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Administrator

    I haven't cared for the direction Firefox has taken the past few years. Its gone from a lean browser to a memory hog, and now is implementing things for users which used to be a choice. For instance they are about to disable Flash by default on pages even if a user installs flash.
  18. GTB

    GTB Tazmanian

    I was reading about it on BBC News and it's going to happen soon. It won't fully happen until next year but some Flash used on pages will be disabled first that a user doesn't actually see, or need enabled - such as it being used for tracking you.

    It's a funny one because sites like BBC News, you need Flash installed to watch their videos. So what's going to happen later in 2017 when FireFox blocks all Flash used on a page, that would mean I'm thinking I'll not be able to use it for watching BBC News videos?
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  19. Ryan Ashbrook

    Ryan Ashbrook IPS Developer

    Unfortunately, that's a common problem with browsers nowadays. Virtually none of them only do what they are built to do, which is to browse. The only one close, in my opinion, is Safari.
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