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Discussion in 'Finance and Traffic' started by mj0730, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. mj0730

    mj0730 Neophyte


    Recently had a business ask to purchase advertising on my site. How do you go about setting appropriate rates for that sort of thing? Any other considerations or tips for implementing this sort of thing?
  2. pierce

    pierce Habitué

    How much do you want the site to earn per month?

    Say you want $10,000

    How many advert impressions can you deliver?

    Say 10,000,000

    That's an ecpm of.. $1 (per 1000 as impressions).

    And that's your rate.
  3. TheTourVan

    TheTourVan Aspirant

    Advertising was tough to start with, but grew quickly on our site. I’m not big on CPM and RPM, but rather “here are our prices” and we will do this this this and this alongside a banner ad.

    Set a rate sheet with your goals on what you need/want to earn and how many sponsors you will need to get there.
  4. overcast

    overcast Adherent

    Find out data such as how much traffic do you have. Origin of your traffic sorted by geography, age group etc. And use that data to convince the business for specific rate. You have to also find out what your competitors are getting paid.
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