Admins who permaban straight away?

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  1. The way I see it, there's genuinely helpful feedback - like 'I assume you realize that last tweak broke all the images - right? And you're working on it?'

    As opposed to 'I know you think you're doing the niche a favor by existing, but ...'
  2. SteveBullman

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    That sounds like an interesting idea!
  3. SteveBullman

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    Compared to some of the boards i've visited i'd say its pretty hard to get banned from my site. Threatening to sue me has proved to be the most successfull method in the past though!
  4. LadySerenaKitty

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    I've had lawsuit threats in the past, and I didn't ban them. At the time, I was living in Maryland (like I am now), and someone from Texas was threatening to sue me for not having a business license in Texas. Why would anyone need a license/permit/SUT account for a state they do not operate in? Maryland does not require a business license, only a SUT account.

    Interestingly enough, when I lived in Texas I didn't need a business license there, either. All I had was a SUT and a Texas Tax permit, because that's all I needed.

    From my business experience in both states, I can tell you the only time you need a business license is when you're doing retail.

    **SUT = Sales and Use Tax
  5. ValSan

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    I once managed a forum for an organization where my superiors were very hesitant about any "forever" bans on non-spammers. Legal threats, harassment of moderators, public revelation of another member's identity & personal info (!), and threats of violence against specific individuals were all let off with a warning and/or a week or two's suspension.

    A repeat of the same offense was met with stronger wording in the warning message.

    It generally took about 5 major offenses before a permanent ban was considered.

    I would not recommend operating in this fashion. The toll it takes on members and staff is unethical. In my situation after trying and failing to change their minds my principles compelled me to resign.

    There's too little and there's too much. I'm for "Goldilocks banning" (Goldiban?) all the way! :biglaugh:
  6. LadySerenaKitty

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    I'm hesitant to permaban unless its a spammer, but I have done so when needed. At my forum, we have a system for this, with moderator points. First-time is a freebie, new people sometimes break the rules without realizing it - often a topic in the wrong forum - and we inform them of the rule they broke, and where to find all the rules. Minor infractions are worth 1 point, while the more serious offenses are worth more points. When someone's identity is compromised, we ask that person what they want to do, and adjust the points accordingly while trying not to overdo it.

    So the way the points work is every 4th point is a ban, so that's 3 warnings per ban. The ban lengths are: 1 day, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and finally "no expiration". The way we assign mod points based on the seriousness of the infraction, it is possible to skip a warning, and even a particular ban length.
  7. artoir

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    On our forum with the topic we cover it's usually very easy to spot someone straight away who is going to be no good for us. If all of their posts are provocative or stirring they are banned without warning. Longer standing members that flaunt the rules are warned or temporarily banned for days or Weeks depending how serious the rule break was.

    But generally every case is different, as mentioned there is no One Size Fits All and most decisions will be discussed between the staff.
  8. Alex.

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    While I give off a monotonous, serious tone, I'm an engaging individual who will most happily reconsider a permaban or an outright ban if the individual who chooses to speak up gives me valid reason to return their account into a good standing state. I'm human, as is everyone else. Sometimes we make mistakes or say things we shouldn't say, and of course that can bother some people resulting in over-reactive action.
  9. Ombra

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    I ban new accounts that litter my forum with excessively low quality posts or immediately start breaking rules and arguing with moderators about our policies permanently and without warning. I don't feel like I owe anything to new users who register on my forum and immediately start causing problems. Better to nip it in the bud and not waste time pushing them through the infraction system. It's much harder to ban them once they've made thousands of posts and have a few friends on the forum.

    On the other hand, users who have invested a lot of time into the forum and submitted quality content almost never get banned no matter how many times they break the rules.

    I allow all members to leave any kind of feedback to me they want, even if it isn't constructive, as long as it is done through the appropriate venues on the forum.
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  10. engineer1964

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    I only ban Spammers when i get them but its pretty rare. For those on the board that don't behave I have a bad behaviour hack installed where i can decide on how to stop that person gaining access to the site, be it page unavailable to extra long load times.

    I've even seen on before i can't recall where but the chosen bad member can log on, see the boards and post like an idiot to his hearts content, only thing being, he's the only one that can see his posts and the rest of the board is free of his posts. He'll soon get fed up that no one is answering his post :biglaugh:
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    I was a member of a couple minecraft related forums and I got banned for no reason. I made a few suggestions on how notch, the guy that made minecraft should do things to improve certain aspects of the gameplay. One of them banned me becuase "I don't need suggestions from a girl on my forums" and that was sexist! I was so mad! I put a lot of thought into an epic post and it took me a half an hour to write it too. The other becuase I was a brony. I think the admins of both may have been underage or something.
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