Administators, Super Moderators, Global Moderators, Forum Moderators?

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  1. WF_Tim

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    Hey Guys,

    Now I know this is probably a really stupid question, but please note that I have listed my admin experience as beginner ;). What is the difference between a Super Moderator, Global Moderator and Forum Moderator? I've seen some forums that have some or all of these titles. How can a forum have so many different types of Moderators?

  2. Justin

    Justin *Insert witty title here*

    Super Moderator is a Moderator of all Forums Global is pretty much the same, just diff privs.
    Regular Forum mod is for specific forums.
  3. Kelloggs

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    Global Mods and Super mods are the same- they moderate the whole forum, but a forum moderator normally only moderates one forum (sometimes more). However, this varies on different forums :)

    Hope I helped :banana:
  4. Dragonlair

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    A super moderator and a global moderator are the same thing - a moomin (in terms of my board).

    A Forum Moderator is a "normal" moderator and just has power over one forum. Super or global moderators have powers across ALL forums that they can see.

    Admins have powers everywhere - they normally can see everything (even global mods may be restricted to such as the admin area) or can turn on to see if they find something blocked.
  5. WF_Tim

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    Thanks for the quick responses guys! I knew some of the titles had to be similar but I still find it amazing that a single board can have so many different types of moderators.
  6. mackenzie80

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    For my site, we have so many forums that it is necessary to have several staff levels.

    Mod Trainee - new staff who are learning the ropes

    Moderators - Powers in specific forums only

    Global Mods - Have full powers across the board. CANNOT access the MODCP, ban, etc.

    Supers - Full powers, can ban, etc.

    Admin - Admin CP privledges
  7. Scrubs

    Scrubs I STILL Blame EdenRat

    Some forums have Mods that are everywhere, and Super Mods that just have more permissions, this is how I prefer it.
  8. TDB

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    Really you can run forums as you wish and give permissions on a user to user basis but there are some general settings.

    Moderators normally lead their own forums in discussions, doing menial tasks such as Locks, edits, deletes and such. They keep the forums running much like they should. Normally they work on a very user to user basis and are often posting around the place.
    They can normally also issue Warnings/Infractions as they choose but can not directly influence a punishment.
    (Sometimes they are also called Local Moderators)

    Global Moderators normally have permissions meaning that they can do the job of a moderator but across a great many number of forums (IE: All of them). They are more for moving threads, sorting throughout the post reports and keeping users in check. They are simply moderators stretched across a few forums.
    They can normally also issue Warnings/Infractions as they choose but can not directly influence a punishment.

    Super Moderators normally spend there days in trolling the reports, dealing with infractions watching uses going from forums to forums and seeing if bigger issues are there requiring different actions.
    Super Moderators can also normally change signatures, avatars, ban and unbar uses as well as revoke other moderators decisions.

    Administrators are really what you want them to be. Normally there can be lots of different types:
    • Group Admins
      Group admins keep control of user groups, the promotion between them and keep permissions in check.
    • User Admins
      User Admins deal with users and there accounts, such as password issues, permissions issues and other things that might go wrong.
    • Forum Admins
      Forum admins deal with the forums themselves creating, moving and deleting sections and forums as they see the need.
    • Maintenance Admins
      Maintenance Admins deal with backups, database issues, logs and other issues that are normally issues to the tech guy.
    • Full Admins
      The full controlling admin that has access to all of the above responsibilities but doesn't necessarily need to do them.
    • Super Admins
      These control the administrative permissions themselfs.

    The hierarchy of your staff is simply up to you. Normally I'd say that it goes:
    Local Moderators < Global Moderators < Super Moderators < Administrators < Super Administrators​
    This can always be changes on your biases (perhaps you have local mods, category mods, administrators and the category mods are also you super mods... It's entirely up to you.

    I would suggest that you take time into creating these a moderator guide explaining all of this to help explain it to the moderators.
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  9. Rallen

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    A small, just forming forum doesn't need all mod types filled IMO.

    On my forum, which started with a solid, daily posting group of members, we really have just mods and 1 admin. I have 3 mods, which are all super mods so they can work the whole site. One of those mods has some admin rights so he can assist me in making style and feature mods as needed. I am the only true admin, only I can admin users for access and banning. And my say carries the most weight.

    Once the site gets more active, I'll likely need to officially elevate a mod to actual admin, and have super mods and mods.

    It depends on the site. Figure out what works for your needs and don't worry so much about generic labels.
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