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Discussion in 'SMF' started by Praveer, Oct 3, 2010.

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    Hello all,
    I want to install AD Management MOD for my forum running SMF 2 RC3. I tried installing it via the package manager but I was getting some errors. So the only option left for me now is to install it manually. But I have never ever installed a MOD manually. Can anyone please guide me step by step on how to proceed. I have done the edits mentioned, now what do I do next. Please guide.

  2. Oldiesmann

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    According to the manual install instructions (go to the mod page on the SMF customization site, select your SMF version and click "parse"), you need to do a few more things:

    Upload the included install.php file to your forum directory and run it (make sure you delete it when you're done)

    Upload Ads.php and LoadAds.php to your Sources directory
    Upload Ads.template.php to Themes/default
    Upload Ads.english.php and Ads.english-utf8.php to Themes/default/languages

    If you need further help, check out their support board at
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