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Discussion in 'Social Networking' started by Speaker90, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Speaker90

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    I have noticed on at least one forum that I frequent that a considerable number of members have broke away from the forum and have started Facebook groups based on the forum's topic and culture.There seem to be 2-3 of these groups popping up each month with each trying to cater to different sets of forum members. Has anyone noticed this happening on their forum?
  2. Mugzy

    Mugzy Vbulletin Expert

    Yes and it's annoying as hell. We need to discuss how to deal with this.
  3. Speaker90

    Speaker90 Aspirant

    What would you propose?
  4. T3chn0

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    I haven't noticed it on any of my sites yet but have seen some similar things on some other forums I frequently, mainly fan pages revolving around certain characters from that particular game/TV show (which is what the forum revolves around).

    I think if that's happening on your own site you may have to open up a section to cater to that particular demographic as a sub-forum if it doesn't exist already and if it does exist, find out why yours isn't holding their attention.
  5. LeadCrow

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    Unless you hook your userbase to sticking around, splinter groups are natural to form if small. Exilees keeping each others entertained easen migration away from any forums. The larger the circle, the much succesful an exodus can become and enticing for further leaves.
    Increase engagement of your forumgoers, if the problem comes from there. As long as all members of discussion groups don't leave at once, that should do well enough to attract people back where the bulk of discussion happens.

    If people are just losing interest in forums but not your niche, there might be little you could do about it. Forums are about gatherings of faceless folks circling around the niche's theme, whereas facebook is much more personal and direct (interaction occurs strictly between known individuals already having gained each others' approval, and not needing their exchanges to be subjected to exposure larger than that of a small circle of friends).

    If problem users feel the regular forum discussions are inundating them with drivel (like due to newcomers flooding new and existing topics), a private member-only loosely moderated forum section could possibly help keep your senior folks around by reducing the noise they are subjected to. Kinda like shielding hard-earnt seniors, leaving them a place to privately hang out and blow steam (where they used to do it outside the forum). A lot of forums try the same by having a postcount-free, looser-moderated general discussion section, but being public has significant negatives, as it'd still be bound to a number of privacy issues (folks cant discuss private matters search engines or unlogged guests would crawl) and limitations webmasters cannot do without (like profanity filters, limiting discussion of mature themes).
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  6. GeorgeB.

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    That's why forums have to be more than great information providers for SEO. You have to nurture the social culture as well.

    You'll hear a lot of successful forum owners say, rightfully so, that one key to success is your passion for the subject matter. If you're truly passionate about the subject it'll be easier to form true friendships and they'll stick around because of you.
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  7. engineer1964

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    Half of those groups won't last long, Its like kids leaving a forum and making their own on a freebie host, Then they wonder why they havn't got any members or traffic.

    What you need to do is get your forum up and running and do something to promote loyalty amost members, What i would do is make an official facebook site yourself and intergrate it with the forum.

    That will be the idea i'd go for
  8. Lenka

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    On my forum members can start their own subforum (team member mod) - so if they want a private forum or a open forum for a sub group of members, they can do that on the same platform as they are used to, where they know the members are. And I think it works! :)

    Only problem is, that I cannot upgrade my IPB to v.3. since there is no team member mod for that, ooops ... and I am pretty dependend on it. The members have their freedom to make their own groups within their wellknown enviroment, and I don't have the access to their forums, so they have more or less freedom to run is as they want, as long as they follow our main rule: to behave (and if I get a complain - which I rarely do - I warn them first, before I break into the privacy - actually I have only needed that once during the last 4 years).
  9. Alfa1

    Alfa1 Moderator

    Facebook has been tweaking their groups in order to make group discussion more 'on-topic'. Facebook will be releasing more changes to their groups to reduce banter and increase on-topic discussions.
  10. 01Aaron

    01Aaron Aspirant

    This is bad. Is there any ways to save this?
  11. arkueckelhan

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    Yes, happened to my forum. Not very happy about it, kind of upsetting really. They formed a Facebook group and then never visit the forum anymore, then whine on the facebook page about how the forum is now dead. It wouldn't be dead if they posted on it instead of facebook. :Protest::Protest::Protest:

    Everyone wants to be the admin, I think this is the desire they are trying to fill.
  12. Speaker90

    Speaker90 Aspirant

    I have noticed in a few of the groups that I watch is that its made up of members that do not want to follow the forums rules and it seems that more than a few gossip about the Webmaster. I just dismiss it as e-drama.
  13. GalPal

    GalPal Participant

    I'd like to say to some that have posted already, I'm so sorry you have experienced these challenges with FB and members leaving. How sad that people/members can defect and forget so quickly what united them together in the first place. :(

    I'm glad this topic was posted as I've wondered the same about Facebook and Twitter. Even though there are different social dynamics when using Facebook and the other social networks, versus posting in forums, I still believe that there is something to be said about belonging to a forum. When I started my website in 2009, I think I was on the cusp of where wind/force of change by the use of FB and Twitter was taking hold. I noticed the increased usage of FB and Twitter and understood the pull towards it, if for no other reason you were sharing messages with other people you knew in real life. On the other hand, there is the coolness of posting anonymously too, which is where I think forums offer a nice venue for sharing without familiarity.

    I am currently rebuilding my forum and structuring it to be more adapt to work with those social networks in the hopes that by their connection, users might find interest. I realize too, that it is going to be very challenging and will take awhile to begin to see results.

    I'm glad I'm here for support, because I know, for sure when I open my doors again, the process is going to be very different. I'm up for it. I think this is where so many of you say, each of us defines "success" differently". I'd be very happy with a small group of members that do pop-in and post thoughtfully.

    Is there a place in TAZ where we can join other member's forums and support them by dropping in and posting on occasion? If there is, I'd be happy to help others with content. :)
  14. GalPal

    GalPal Participant

    Thanks TAZ for your timely newsletter sharing your Exchange.

    Exchange here

    Sounds like an awesome opportunity. This answers my question in my above post! :)
  15. IFC

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    The demise of forums may come from the glacial change forum owners are faced with when it comes to forum software developers listening and responding to customer needs. Mod appss come and go with each version, and there's of course the never ending 'maybe in a future next version' that could be one month or three years away. Facebook has everything on fast track and forum owners can't keep up. No matter how advanced a forum is it isn't much different to the end user than it was 10 years ago.
  16. Shawn Gossman

    Shawn Gossman The Rural Responder

    In my opinion, those who leave your forum to go to Facebook and other social networks are probably not worth the time on your forum. :) All I really use Facebook for is to keep in touch with close friends and family and for the majority, marketing my websites.

    Social networks are huge (I run one myself) and a forum is a lot more personal. You can develop a community of great friends on a forum but on a social network, the best you get is cliques ;)
  17. gazum

    gazum Aspirant

    Would it be nice to have a general policy regarding Facebook for all forum admins?
    Can we decide how to deal with it and post a template paragraph to include in forum rules?
  18. printbucket

    printbucket Aspirant

    Forums tend to have a large audience and sometimes, when left unattended, some people feel like their contributions aren't acknowledged. I think it is important to stay active and responsive to all members and create a more personal, friendly relationship with them. As I've seen in other strong forums, it's more of like a big group of friends discussing a topic that they're passionate about. Enabling them to also create their own sub-forums allows them to discuss other topics that they'd want to share and discuss with others while keeping the content organized. Also, encourage your members to stay active through contests or conducting polls. What's important is that there's a strong sense of connection in the group.
  19. vikashmundaa

    vikashmundaa Aspirant

    holding members is the really difficult things they just post and never come back especially when your forum is new with a few members.
  20. GMT

    GMT Aspirant

    I find that odd, considering facebook is not the best when comes to discussions and information handling, maybe they did it for the control aspect, or maybe i'm just a dinosaur and just like how forums work vs facebook. In regards to others suggestions I agree, staying active, and contributing to threads helps users feel as though people care and appreciate the topics at hand. Also being kind in responses is definitely a plus IMHO, nothing worse then people posting negative responses to an otherwise quality thread. Interesting topics are also stellar, in fact i've seen threads from forums shared on other forums many many years later because they were just so useful and essentially evergreen.

    In terms of new forums, sadly you probably gonna have to fake posts and activity for awhile. This isn't the bbs days anymore where people would join just to be the first ones, due to so much competition people won't join without a real reason. Even on massive forums they may lurk for years without registering.
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