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Discussion in 'Community Reviews' started by ashimashi, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. ashimashi

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    I am changing a lot recently, but I want to see what others will think I can change too.

    Forum Name:
    Software: VB4.1.0
    Members: 1518(83 active)
    Threads: 1,637
    Posts: 11,646
    Launched: 2004 (original site), I just joined 2 weeks ago.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. HIM

    HIM Fan

    First Impression
    Well, it’s hasn’t disappointed me just yet. In fact I am quite enjoying it so far. It’s pleasant to the eyes and has an enjoyable colour scheme. Although I still don’t really know what it’s about I’m eager to jump into the forums and see what the community has to offer.
    I enjoyed your header, as I said above it looks pleasing to the eyes and I enjoy looking at it. Then you get into your forums and it loses that unique colour scheme and goes back to the default vBulletin and that makes me a little bit disappointed. I would suggest that you try and bring in the orange and blue a bit more, and add in a few more custom graphics else it is it is going to just look like the default vBulletin layout which I do not believe your members would enjoy.

    Your forums posts are normally less than a couple of lines. I think something that you might benefit from is a set of guidelines for submitting cheats (much like the community corporative). If that doesn’t strike your fancy then consider adding in maybe a thread per game. With a post for every cheat that you find you will find that the organisation isn’t going to be great and search engines are only going to find that cheat if they are looking for that specific cheat. You might also want to consider asking people to post more before they click the submit button.

    Member Activity And Sense Of Community
    Your members are obviously close. You can tell by all your Ask Me threads. I would however like to see a bit more sense of activity as most posts (as I said above) are on the short side. I as a member wouldn’t be looking to join you if all the users’ posts were just a couple of lines.
    Looking into your member’s list it seems that most of your users have made only 1 or 2 posts. Make sure you try and steal their attention, grab them, then tie them down so they can’t leave. Make sure that in the Registration Options the option for instant emails is turned on as this will hopefully help with that.

    The Bigger Picture
    Here are some ideas I would like to put forward:
    - Tactical Discussions.
    In every game there is always going to be some form of tactics required and if your users can cheat there way though, then they should be able to get through it normally.
    - Creating a Wiki
    The wiki can hold all of your cheats. This would make it easier to search, navigate and for users to keep track of cheats.
    - Game Reviews
    Before you buy it to cheat on it, why not tell the user’s what they’re paying for
    Closing Thoughts
    Well you’re on your way but the road has only just started. You have a member base, you have your staff its time to make this website great. Considering adding in one of my above ideas to help generate content and consider the custom theme.
    Regards, Thomas.
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    Approved for quick review.

    Note: Hair completed the quick review before it was approved, and was just waiting for approval before having it moved to your topic, hence his post being above mine.
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    Thanks Hair! :)

    Really appreciated it.
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    It is our job :)