A new mobile app!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by The Sandman, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Kintaro

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    And as you can see, it doesn't recognize new lines.
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  2. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    That's awesome :)
    I've used the app a little while on the road, I've yet to login and post with it but so far it's passing the test.
  3. tmapps

    tmapps Sponsor

    Turnkey Mobile Apps v2.2.4 has been released! An add-on upgrade is required, download the latest add-on from www.turnkeymobileapps.com after logging in, and follow the instructions in UPGRADE.txt.

    The Android app update will be available within 48 hours. The iOS app update will be available within the next 3 to 4 days.


    Policy Changes:

    - Added Bulk Pricing for admins with 3+ boards
    - New SkinMyForum Design Clients can claim bulk rate
    - Uploaded important document about App Store Compliance: APP_STORE_COMPLIANCE.txt

    Bug Fixes:

    - [Android] Crashes
    - [Android] Take a Photo button unresponsive
    - New lines ignored in Native Posting
    - Message field is single line
    - Preferences style chooser out of sync
    - "ErrorException: Argument 1 passed to XenForo_Model_Post::canLikePost"


    - Moved Style Chooser in Twenty Two Style to footer
    - Menu Button now acts as Refresh Button during loading or connection errors

    - Renamed "Toggle Script Expression" style property to "Menu Button Trigger"
    - Menu Button is now hidden if Menu Button Trigger style property is empty

    - New "Loading Shield" style property takes effect after updating app on device
    - "Minimal UI" style property takes effect for previously unaffected 2.2.x apps

    New Features:

    - Redesigned Native Posting Forum selection
    - Redesigned Notification Settings to be searchable for boards with many notification types
  4. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

    TAZ has been updated to the latest version!
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  5. Tropicalrecon

    Tropicalrecon Neophyte

    Why can't I download the TAZ app?
  6. The Sandman

    The Sandman Administrator

    I'll look into it...
  7. BrandonSheley

    BrandonSheley loving life

    I don't honestly see why an "app" is even needed.
    The admin can hide some parts of the "desktop" view from mobile and it's very easy to comment on threads with no app.

    ..also the whole brandname that I think I brought up last time

    good luck though
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  8. Bikenut

    Bikenut Enthusiast

    The biggest benefit to an app is this. Facebook has made people stupid and lazy. This is why facebook groups are taking so many members away from forums. Try starting a new forum now, it's rough as hell.

    An app loaded on a phone puts forum notifications right on the front of the phone, just like facebook does. It makes it easy to post pics, to reply, to start new threads. Doesn't matter that a website is responsive. They dont want to have to go looking for it online and don't want to have to sign in because, ew, that's like, so 2015... I might break a nail.

    Forum apps are the future. Or, forums will die. Seriously, I think that there will be more money in forum app creation and management then there is in forum theme development and sales.

    Xenforo, VB, IPS better figure this out soon. Facebook groups are eating alot of forums alive right now. Doesn't matter that fb groups are just one stupid thread. They already have the app on their phones and it just so easy to post.

    Anyone who doesn't see this is gonna lose their forum over the next three years. I'm not joking.
  9. tmapps

    tmapps Sponsor

    With Apple's recent changes, everyone has to have their own app store account now, closing that issue.

    An update is coming (especially affecting Android) next week :)
  10. tmapps

    tmapps Sponsor

    Turnkey Mobile Apps v2.2.5 has been released! Note that this upgrade requires an add-on upgrade and complete file overwrites.

    • Decreased Android download size from 30MB (Phone)/34MB (Tablet) to 8MB/9MB
    • Decreased Android battery consumption significantly
    • Decreased Android startup time
    • Increased minimum Android version to 5.0 (Lollipop)
    • Floating buttons' visibility can be toggled with new module button
    • Floating buttons are now hidden by default
    • Push settings now load quickly even with hundreds of options
    • Fixed file upload buttons on Android
    • Fixed camera button not functioning on Android 7
    • Fixed server log timeout errors
    • Fixed crash from long-pressing title
    • Fixed crash from opening Android alerts
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  11. Wyvh

    Wyvh Aspirant

    Not bad at all, although some additional customization wouldn't be bad !
  12. tmapps

    tmapps Sponsor

    Apple just approved 2.2.5 :)