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Discussion in 'Managing an Online Community' started by TheTourVan, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Im hoping someone can help me. I own and operate a larger forum in our niche. We are a little over 6 million posts and going. Recently, we decided to upgrade Vbuleltin from 4 to 5 and add the mobile suite, so we can stop relying on software like Tapatalk, for our users.

    In doing so, as many can predict is coming, it has not gone well. Part of that is because Tapatalk has been a constant problem and not working well. Part of that is our migration I am sure is not 100% correct (we are not computer people). Part of that is because Vbulletin is not exactly the cleanest software.

    So internally we are working on a number of things, but that led me to many a google search that brought me to this forum. So the questions I have are as follows.

    1. Migrating to another forum software. What is out there? What is considered the best option? What is the cleanest and most responsive?

    2. Does VB5 offer others as many issues as it does to us and is the mobile suite the flaming pile of trash it appears to be?

    With a forum our size, we are looking for any bit of guidance as we move to the next level of wanting to provide an easy way for our engaged audience to work both from the computer and mobile.

    Any conversation and thoughts are helpful and I look forward to hearing from the experts here.
  2. TheTourVan

    TheTourVan Aspirant

    To a mod, can this be moved to the general forum section, rather than the sub forum? It was done in error.
  3. Morrigan

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    That really depends on your end goal and your desired price range and plugins that you need. There are other softwares out there of course. My favorite is Invision Community and they have vB converters as well as they host communities in their cloud service even larger than yours.

    For your other question I've not heard of a single good mobile experience on vB so I really can't help there but I know Invision's theme, by default, is mobile responsive.
  4. Joel R

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