7 Tips For Your E-commerce To Succeed

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    Analyze the competition. Tools like Semrush allow knowing how the competition appears on the Internet and how it announces its contents. The use of commands such as "site: name of the company" in search engines provides data on pages indexed by other companies. With the command "link: name of the company" you can analyze the number of incoming links to that website. The Alexa portal establishes a world ranking according to the traffic they receive.
    Create content appropriate to the objectives, relevant in time, and interesting for users. It is about writing thinking about the target to which the company is directed and its search patterns.
    Publish content in response to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It consists in using friendly URLs; fill in the alt field of the images; and enter the keywords for which the company is intended to position in the title, meta description, and URL of the page.
    Enable the comment option. The opinions of users about the companies, products or services provide information to future consumers and inspire confidence in those who are undecided.
    Think local. The use of platforms such as Google My Business allows improving local SEO positioning of companies and their visibility in certain geographical areas.
    Generate links. Being a guest blogger on another website or generating original content that for its quality tends to be linked, are other ways to increase the reputation and traffic of the company's website.
    Simplify the payment steps. The ideal in an e-commerce website is the establishment of three steps for payment: identification, payment, and confirmation. The introduction of more steps can distract the user and, consequently, decrease the conversion rate.
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    1. Create a User-Oriented Experience
    2. Design a Service You'd Want To Use Yourself
    3. Customer Feedback Is Crucial
    4. Utilize Social Media — But Don't Rely on it Exclusively
    5. Invest In Mobile
    6. Incentivize Customers
    7. Be Ever-Evolving

    This all are very important points to make eCommerce store succeed.
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    Its good to know about this... thanks for sharing the useful info...
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