30,000 reasons you need push notifications, even if they dont work on iOS

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    Here is annual growth:


    I never reached 6,000 android app installs on Tapatalk until i killed it.

    I've been sitting on this as it doesn't work on iOS, but it does work, and works very well for android.

    The browser does not need to be open on your phone. But the browser does need to be opened on desktop.

    I am also holding off on re-developing it for XF2.... before going public with the addon.

    So this counts the total number of installs but the active users I can send notifications stands at 28,000.

    The power of this is, if I had a motivation to alert nearly 30,000 people to something I could.

    I've attached growth for the last year.
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    I don't think many people realize the power such a add-on adds to a forum. I've had users ask about some sort of "live" notification system for while, but the previous add-on I know of required keeping the page open, not terribly useful nor real "push."
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    So this is a mobile application or browser?
    Either way, nice work. It's something I've been preaching to the big forum devs for years now. ;)

    *just did a quick google search for kicks.. I see post from 2011 and likely later where I've said forums needed this..lol*
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    its done entirely on the browser side.

    You get a pop up asking if you want to allow notifications, you tap yes and then the browser takes care of the rest.

    Attached screenshot of example notice.

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