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Discussion in 'Generating Revenue' started by NexopiaRob, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. NexopiaRob

    NexopiaRob Habitué

    We're looking at new payment methods for 'Plus', our Premium Service
    Our research has shown that people find it too hard to pay for it.
    We accept payments via the Mail (cash and cheque, cash is very popular), in Person at two stores in our city (Edmonton, AB) as well as PayPal (but we can't publisise that, as PayPal already shut one of our accounts)

    So now we're looking into 2checkout.com
    We don't expect it to solve our problems, as an awful lot of our users are under 16, let alone 18, but it will help

    Does anyone use 2checkout.com? Anyone in Canada?
  2. Kall

    Kall Devotee

    I do/did/may do again...

    Though it turned out that they could accept a variety of currencies, including New Zealand Dollars, I signed up, but the charges for getting my funds from the USA to NZ are a bit unfeasible at the moment.

    I released a hack for vB that adds 2checkout as a subscription payment gateway. :)
  3. tekkitan

    tekkitan Forum Junkie

    I've heard lots of bad things about 2checkout from webhostingtalk.com forums. People saying that they have held thousands of dollars from them.
  4. Worthen

    Worthen Participant

    been using 2checkout for about three years

    very very happy

    payment processing systems are the achilles heel of ecommerce ...

    having said that ... I think they are getting better.

    We used paypal early on ... this was with a subscription site where the payment processor must send buyer back to site to choose a username / password.

    This was in 2000, but paypal couldn't get half the buyer back to site ... even after talking extensively with their techs.

    We never have this problem with 2checkout ... never.

    Ebay bought paypal afterwards and did make at least one positive change, you no longer have to be a paypal member to pay thru paypal.

    Paypal is lots cheaper ... they might have even improved their service ... back in 99 and 2000 they were a joke.

    If you were using manual account set-up, then payapl would be the way to go. Maybe have both pay options ... lots of folks like paypal and trust them because they have used them before.

    There will be an ocassional dos attack with 2checkout and a bit of downtime ... not much ... but a little ... for this reason some folks use 2 processors

    mypaysystems dot com is regarded as good or about as good as 2checkout ... depends on who you ask ... cost are about the same ... last time i looked 2checkout was a tiny bit cheaper.

    hope it helps :)
  5. GottaBeKD

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    When I checked out 2checkout (I should plan what I'm saying before typing it), it looked good. But, I have heard the horror stories about 2checkout. So, I would do some research first, as suggested at WHT.
  6. tekkitan

    tekkitan Forum Junkie

    I do say research it yes. Also though, you hear a lot of horror stories with every company. You always here the bad ones rather than the good ones though because when people have complaints, they publicize it. When someone is satisfied, they usually dont feel as compelled to go public about it. So it's kind of a toss up.
  7. Erwin

    Erwin <B>Big Board Admin</B>

    I have paypal integrated tightly with my forums (vb-based) and I've never had a problem. Accounts get upgraded automatically. Transfer internationally between accounts only cost $2. Can't beat the fees. Though Paypal takes a chunk out of every payment.
  8. NexopiaRob

    NexopiaRob Habitué

    Yeh, we'd love to use PayPal more, but they dont like us at all (suspended our account, took lots of money from us, etc, etc)
  9. DChapman

    DChapman Devotee

    May I ask what their reasoning was?
  10. NexopiaRob

    NexopiaRob Habitué

    They dont like the content of our site
    Basically, our userbase is 14 to 24 and they post in the forums and on their profiles about ordinary things kids think about (sex, etc)
    PayPal doesnt like that
  11. Nexopia

    Nexopia Enthusiast

    that and a user used a stolen credit card, which took them 2 months to investigate.
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