10 rules for being a bad moderator

Discussion in 'Members & Staff' started by Kentaurus, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Kentaurus

    Kentaurus Adherent

    Far from being a set of rules these are some guidelines that I wrote about "how to be a bad moderator", they don't cover every topic and is only an approach of what not-to-do.

    I give them to my moderators. Some of them told me "wow, I never though about that" or "well.. most of them are obvious". Sometimes it is easier to think about what we don't like
    1. Don't visit the forums you are moderating often. Twice a month is enough. Nobody cares.
    2. Don't start new threads at your forum. That's the users' responsibility. You are only there for editing and deleting threads.
    3. Argue with users as much as you can. You don't have anything to loose since you are the moderator. Never bring personal matters to private messages. And remember that your opinion is the only one that counts.
    4. Don't respect the other members, make fun of them. If they make spelling errors then criticize them, if they have a poor or unargumented opinion destroy them with words. If they ask for help about using the forum don't help them.
    5. If nobody answers a thread don't answer yourself, the user didn't wanted an answer anyway.
    6. If a user makes a dupe thread in the forum don't be nice, it's the users’ fault not to know the 40+ pages that the forum has in search of a similar thread. And never ever give him a link to the content he is searching for.
    7. Don't edit the bad words in posts. Fights are fun!
    8. If a user is misbehaving ban him immediately, don't try sending him a private message or a warning, it's useless.
    9. Close all the threads you want. Users love to see closed threads.
    10. A way to be cool is to talk about the private forum threads in the public forum. Administrators love the fact that you tell all the users about the content of the private threads.
    Feel free to comment on them or add any that I am missing. Remember that the purpose is to be a really bad moderator ;)
  2. Catch-22

    Catch-22 Fan

    That's a good start, dude. :biglaugh:

    At one time or another, I have regrettably seen all of these behaviors.
  3. AngelAmidala

    AngelAmidala Adherent


    I'd like to share some of that with my staff...or at least our upper level staff to keep in mind when they are dealing with moderator issues. Would I be allowed?
  4. Kentaurus

    Kentaurus Adherent

    Sure, there is no problem.

    If I didn't want to share it I wouldn't have posted it ;)
  5. Patrick

    Patrick Adherent

    That's great. :D
  6. Viper

    Viper Aspirant

    Thanks for that interesting bit of information.

    I've posted it in our Moderator's Forum so they can look at it. I want to see some of the reactions. :)
  7. YODA

    YODA Aspirant

    ROFLMAO - I've just copied that into our Mod forum - Hehehe :D
  8. sifuhall

    sifuhall Kung Fu Webmaster

    I will copy this to my moderator forum as well.

    Thanks for sharing.
  9. Jon

    Jon Enthusiast

    Might be a nice one to put in the mod manual. :D
  10. RoadRunnerXP

    RoadRunnerXP Aspirant

    Same here - Thanks Kentaurus
  11. why you want turn mods in bad?

    but it will be funny:biglaugh:
  12. GeorgeB.

    GeorgeB. ............

    I posted this as well. Good stuff :D
  13. SaN-DeeP

    SaN-DeeP TechArena.IN

    lol nice one ^_^

    can someone reverse it and post again. will be helpful :)
  14. floris

    floris Habitué

    This is great! Besides a positive thinking thread I am working on, these additional points could do so well in there for my staff. I will link to this thread so they can get the full scope :) Thank you for sharing.
  15. David

    David Aspirant

    I passed these on to the Senior Members and Moderators at my fav forum (http://www.ocforums.com) where I am a senior member and came up with a set for senior members.

    Official guidelines for being made a senior member from forum rules:
  16. Forumgeek

    Forumgeek Christian Board Admin

    11. If you have a falling out with a board member, your primary responsibility now is to do everything you can to make that member and their friends feel like crap. Start baiting them to argue with you in public threads. After doing this for a while, call a truce and act like everything is okay. Then when the drama seems over, start again, only up it a little: Start deleting their posts or at least disagree with every post they make even if they're making indisputably good points. Gather a group of mods to help you out. You and your co-mods delete the members post and the posts of their friends. If the person you don't like is another moderator, great! Accuse them being the one deleting all the posts (delete some of yours too so you so you really have a leg to stand on), and come up with alobis so you look like you can't be the culprit. Do this until they're removed from mod status. Keep torturing the member, accusing them of wrongdoings until they actually get banned. Continue with their friends until they either leave or get banned as well. Keep talking publically about the member you fell out with so that new people come to hate that member even though they never talked to them. When you see a newbie you don't like for whatever reason, go on and on and on about how they're the member you fell out with and subsequently banned. Despite them arguing that they've never heard of this person, keep going on and on and on. When you have the whole board convinced that the newbie is the banned member, ban them. Anytime someone disagrees with you, accuse them of being associated with the member with whom you have had the falling out.

    I've seen this whole scenario. Needless to say I no longer participate at that board.
  17. akoj

    akoj Enthusiast

    Thanks! My mod forum need a little laugh!
  18. CaptainCutshaw

    CaptainCutshaw Neophyte

    Finally a set of rules my fellow mods will keep. :D
  19. DaveMo

    DaveMo Aspirant

    Thanks for that. It's all thought provoking! I've shared with our mods, too.
  20. rikman

    rikman Aspirant

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