1.5.14 from SMF or no?

Discussion in 'XenForo' started by Daniel, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Daniel

    Daniel Aspirant

    I am debating whether or not to move my forum from SMF over to my currently available version of Xenforo which is 1.5.14. I would prefer to be on Xenforo over SMF but I also am not sure if I should do so prior to renewing so I can get the latest update etc.

    I am aware of 1.5 being at EOL but since my intention would be to renew my Xenforo once I had the funds is 1.5.14 in a stable/secure enough state to do so?
  2. Ingenious

    Ingenious Fan

    I would say XF 1.5.x is very stable and secure, just because it's EOL doesn't really mean much other than they're putting all their resources into 2.x so you won't see any new features or development on 1.5, and they will still issue security updates if required for over a year from now. However in itself it's a very competent and well featured platform with loads of plugins available for it.
  3. sanction9

    sanction9 Enthusiast

    Look at the updates after that version to see what bugs were fixed and decide on whether or not you can live with those bugs. Of course a lot of new bugs will be introduced in later versions, so the updates you want to focus on most are probably the first one or two after your version, which would be 1.5.15a and 1.5.16a, I believe.


    Also, XF prices will go up a good bit after this month, so if you can you might want to renew soon.
  4. Threadloom

    Threadloom Sponsor

    Do you have any desire to be on Xenforo 2.1? If so I wouldn't go to 1.5...and then force the community to get used to 2.1. You speak of costs, and if you don't keep it the same etc, style licenses, addons etc. sanction9 already mentioned the upgrade fees increase as well.

    This also depends on the size and overall knowing your community. Would recommend looking at the needs of the community to see if it's being met with whatever version you pick.
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  5. Daniel

    Daniel Aspirant

    Thanks for your input :) I highly appreciate it! I actually went ahead and renewed my license and am using 2.0 right now instead. I took advantage of the inexpensive license renewal they have going on right now and went ahead and ditched SMF.
  6. mysiteguy

    mysiteguy Devotee

    One of my communities had a bit of resistance moving from SMF, but that was to VB 4.x several years ago, and it didn't fundamentally bring new features to the users, though it made my life a lot easier as an admin. When I subsequently moved that forum from VB 4.x to XF, I didn't have the same kind of resistance -- people liked it, especially once they started discovering all the features it had.
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