1. Strato


    STRATO is one of Europe’s biggest hosting companies, with more than 1.4 million customers across six countries. Our state of the art data centres are home to four million domains on over 50,000 servers. Our ISO-certification certifies the accessibility and security of websites, servers, online...
  2. J

    VPS Domain not directing properly/being rejected by server?

    I help out with a forum with their own server, and somehow along the way we've apparently managed to make a pretty mess of things. It'd been working normally for several months, but around Monday, the domain ceased directing traffic to the forum page. The IP address for the site and server...
  3. B

    Analog of AD on Linux

    I have done some research on the topic, but I can't quite find a straight answer to my question. I've been looking online and cannot find much information.Please advice me. Which analogs of Active Directory exists for for the unix systems, and what would you advice? What is needed: this...
  4. Andrew K

    MUST-HAVE Linux programs?

    What programs would you not be able to live without on your Linux DESKTOP (not server :p) installation? What are some of the first programs that you install on your Linux installation? For me, I have to install Chrome, Audacity, LibreOffice (if not already installed), Thunderbird, VLC...
  5. Doctor 404

    Just ordered a VPS from OVH

    I just ordered a VPS from OVH and got some stuff setup. The problem i have is that even though i managed to do this stuff by myself (Setup the gameservers, mysql and voiceservers) i think im missing stuff that i must certainly not know (Im not very tech savvy about linux based systems). The...