1. C

    Viable upgrade path from vB3?

    We have a very large forum running V3. Attempts to migrate to vB4 and vB5 (at least a year ago) failed because the database was too big. VBulletin support was unable to help and suggested that neither were viable upgrade paths for us. vB3 is lacking some features that have become important (a...
  2. markoroots

    Lost 450Mb of Database. Please Help...

    Hi everybody, I have a big problem and I hope that someone can help me. I have setted an automatic backup copy of the Database of my forum each day. Now I'm seeing that from one day to another the backup have lost 450Mb. I have deleted some blog threads maybe 20 with few inside but are not...
  3. C.MX

    Forummotion Converter

    Hello lads, Has anyone have in mind any Forummotion converter (database) out there which is working? Any clue in general would be very helpful. Thank you in advance, George
  4. LT Mote

    MySQL WorkBench; Pulling data from Multiple tables; Read Only?

    I am trying to pull data from multiple MYSQL tables using MySQL WorkBench v6.3.6. I can get the data to pull and associate correctly with the other table; however I can't seem to EDIT the data... It's like it's in Read Only mode. If I change my select statement to only pull from one table; I...