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    May 31st, 2015
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    Outlaw Star Nexus didn't exactly launch in 2015. It first existed as Outlaw Star UK from 2008, a humble community about an anime series called Outlaw Star. In July 2012, after several months of low activity Outlaw Star UK closed down in favour of social media. Social media worked for years but just wasn't nearly the same.

    After three years, reborn as Outlaw Star Nexus and having moved from MyBB to vBulletin, eventually the community enjoyed consistent and comfortable levels of activity despite being a close-knit small board. While the main draw is the Outlaw Star niche, general discussion is popular. What brings many people to the forum is the lengths members go to for the fanbase. This includes translating the manga (it never received an English release), collaborating with people behind the anime, discovering, translating and documenting the show's secrets and much more. If you like '90s anime you'll love Nexus.
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  • The forum's theme is ProGamer by Bluepearl. Many forum icons are customised and there's a full set of unique smilies. Other cosmetic changes include customisable backgrounds, subforum banner images and avatars in forum listings. There are many addons. Most are pre-made, often by DragonByte, but some are custom. General forums are named after different locations in the Outlaw Star anime. For those unaware, forum descriptions clear up any ambiguity.

    A digital currency called "wong" is earned from posting threads and replies. There are achievements, an item shop, an arcade and a personality test. Members (or guests) can take this test to find out which Outlaw Star character they're most like and display their result in their postbit. The personality test and any other quizzes are hosted by Riddle and embedded on HTML pages. There's also a card game which hasn't been completely fleshed out yet. Members can play against the CPU or each other. Cards are bought in booster packs with wong.

    There's a like system that allows members to "Like" a post or choose many other options such as "Funny" or "Optimistic". To avoid any congestion, recent threads can easily be accessed using an info box at the bottom of the index. It doesn't obstruct the index view and can be quickly found with the "End" key. Outlaw Star Nexus also has its own app. It uses Tapatalk's BYO (Build Your Own) service and can be found on both the Google Play and Apple marketplaces. They're also linked to from the index. Many members use the app to read new posts on a daily basis.

    Feel free to ask about any feature and how to implement it on your own forum. (After all, it would take some time to list every addon by name at once here.)


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