My Militia

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    My Militia - Unorganized Militia Community
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    USA, Militia, 3%, Oath Keeper, Molon Labe, Dont Tread On Me, Gadsden
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    Jan 28 2016
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    Fluid Hosting
    We are the definitive resource for american militia's , We provide tools and resources to increase the effectiveness of individuals and units. We teach self-reliance and discuss current events. We have over 400 Units listed in our directory and have multiple custom maps. We network users with militias and militias with users , we have over 50 social media groups to assist us. The site is an official recruitment page for the NRA National Rifle Association and we pride our selves on gaining as much support as possible. We handle all Classifieds on our sister site You can learn everything there is to know about My Militia and Embrey Enterprise right here in our manifesto - logo1.png 2017 My Militia Manifesto.pdf
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