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    23 January 2015
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    Liquidweb is Mzansi's best social forum for the moghozi. You could chat with Mzansi people in very interesting chat room and equally attractive topics. If you are a beginner, you could begin by introducing yourself by registering as a new user and having a look at uses present online.

    The list of activities you could do at this website is:

    1. You could talk and share your opinions about the latest fashion trends, politics or religion, depending on your area of interest.
    2. If you are a businessman you could talk about money and business and banks. . There is also a forum of ‘general chat’, where in you could discuss about anything that comes in your mind. If you are a tech geek, you could explore a lot more in the field of science and Technology, computer, phones or gadgets. Your opinions would be heard by a number of people connected with this website. You could even stay updated about the news and the current affairs through this website, anytime you want and in any area of your interest.
    3. If you wish to make new friends, you could drop in your contacts our social profiles, so that people who are willing to enter into a new friendship, would approach you later on. You could also drop in your BBM pins, Mxit Id or Twitter profiles depending on the kind of information that you wish to share with other people. You could also state the purpose as to why you wish to know someone new.
    4. There is also a forum named as ‘love and relationships’ for discussing the issues related to relationships. This is the place where you would discuss anything and everything about a relationship. You could give solutions to other people’s problem or post your problem asking for suggestions. You could even share stories with different people.
    If you love watching the soapies that appear on television, you could discuss your views about the favorite one or any other serial that did not match your expectations. Moreover, even if you have missed an episode, you could catch up with all the latest updates on this website. There are chat rooms where you can interact with the fans of particular celebrity, sopies or a movie.
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  • Phpbb prosilver with some mods and tweaks


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