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    Anthem Hub
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    Video Games, Single game called Anthem
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    June 11th, 2017
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    Digital Ocean
    Anthem Hub is a community centered around Bioware's newly announced IP called Anthem. We aren't just a forum, we plan to write articles and cover all information regarding Anthem as it comes out. We currently feature various podcasts and content creator's videos which relate to Anthem. We are a small little community right now, but plan for growth in the near future. :)

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  • The main addons we use are XenPorta 2, XenForo Media Gallery, and Chat by Siropu.

    We have a Dev Tracker developed by me as well.
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    The style is Dimension by XenFocus with customizations done by me.

Recent Reviews

  1. MarkFL
    "Great work, Matt!"
    You've obviously put a great deal of work into the design and functionality of your site. I wish you the best of luck!

    I'm glad to see you got to the bottom of your jQuery issue...I figured you would persevere. :)

    It is inspiring to see someone your age with so much drive and talent and able to bring so much together.
      Matt C. and Steve like this.
    1. Matt C.
      Thank you Mark for the encouraging words. :)
      Matt C., Aug 17, 2017
  2. Timelord_
    "Excellent theme"
      MarkFL and Matt C. like this.


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