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  1. Nerdface
    Great host for XenForo sites
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 1, 2019
    Network Quality:
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    Let me start by saying that I've only been a customer of WSWD for 1 month, but already I have had a superior experience with him in comparison to other providers I have tried most recently.

    I met WSWD on in a plea for help, I'd been with my previous host since February but due to personal circumstances had not really done much with my website until around October. Despite the website not yet being "live", I was encountering intermittent errors and was informed that this was due to reaching one of their limits. Crazy.. No way should this have been happening when I was the only active user!

    I decided to make the move just before opening my website on to WSWD's Shared Hosting - Bronze package. Partially to test the service after my poor experiences recently, but also because as a new website starting out, I felt that I shouldn't really need additional resources at such an early stage.

    My experience so far has been nothing short of brilliant. He very quickly adjusted my account to factor an advertised discount (which he didn't need to do since I signed up prior to contacting him), and has continued to provide assurances since that he has had no issues with resource consumption from my site despite running a number of add-ons (as I would hope as a newly starting site).

    To my knowledge there has been no downtime since migrating, and the vast majority of time my site has flown. Only once have I noted any performance issue, and this was for an hour or so at maximum. I wouldn't hesitate in upgrading my package with WSWD when the time comes that I need to do so.

    If you're looking for a decent host for your XenForo based site, look no further.
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