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    Incapsula is most known for its strong security offering which includes features like bot mitigation, web application firewall, backdoor protection, site failover, two-factor authentication, and more. They also have some innovative performance optimizations built into their CDN including dynamic file compression, image compression, TCP pre-pooling, and fast purging.

    Enterprise-Grade WAF

    Incapsula’s cloud-based WAF protects against nearly any type of application layer attack. In addition to custom security rules, the WAF defends against OWASP Top 10 threats including: SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access, and remote file inclusion. Incapsula’s expert security team also constantly monitors for newly discovered vulnerabilities to prevent disruption to your website or application

    Bot Mitigation

    Using advanced client classification technology, crowdsourcing and reputation-based techniques, Incapsula can distinguish between “good” and “bad” bot traffic. This allows you to block scrapers, vulnerability scanners and comment spammers that overload your servers and steal your content, while allowing search engines and other legitimate services to freely access your website.

    APT Protection

    Advanced Persistent Threats exploit the key weaknesses of today’s IT infrastructures in order to steal intellectual property or sabotage production environments. As more companies move to the cloud, APTs have begun to target websites and web applications as a “soft spot” in the security architecture.

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