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  1. Echo
    Hawkhost short review
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 8, 2017
    Response Time:
    Network Quality:
    • + Always seem to be up, and always scanning for shady software on their servers daily'
    • + If any malicious code or files are found it's removed and client is emailed informing them.
    • - None I've found yet. (fingers crossed)
    I've been with Hawk since early 2011, always had great support, and Brian (one of the head dudes) always goes out of his way to help me. They give me a heavy discount because of my loyalty toward them, their site contains all control related information items and cPanel is loaded.

    There's a section showing all server status and if there's ever going to be a downtime for maintenance they email you days ahead, and also post it on the site, all crucial software is keep up to date if it looks lengthy they flawlessly move you to the next nearest server, then back to your original server if so desired. There's also a small grace period if your payment due date falls on some weird day of the month, and if it looks like your bill paying (happy days are here again :whistle:) they will be more than happy to adjust your payment schedule.

    This is a short review and just the tip of the iceberg, I'll add more as the coffee kicks in! :D
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