vBulletin Visible Stickies 1.1

Sticky threads are visible even if users do not have permission to view the threads of others.

  1. MarkFL

    This product is designed to allow you to designate forums in which sticky threads are visible even if users do not have permission via the Forum Permissions to see the threads of others. This can be useful where you wish to post guidelines for posting in a particular forum that you wish everyone to see, and still keep people from seeing the normal threads of others.


    Version 1.1
    • Fixed bug regarding soft deleted/moderated sticky threads being visible to non-moderators.

    Tested and working on vB 4.2.5 and may work on earlier 4.x versions of vBulletin.


    This product does not alter your database, however it is always good practice to make regular backups and you should make a backup before installing ANY new mod.

    As always, products are USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will provide support and do my best to help but no absolute guarantee is offered.

    To Install:

    1. Download and extract the attached .zip file.
    2. Follow AdminCP -> Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product.
    3. Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product .xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    4. Click "Import."
    5. You MUST enable the product in the settings before it will function.
    6. Configure the remaining settings to your liking. Each setting has a detailed explanation of its use.

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