vBulletin VBulletin 3.8.5 - Quick (Inline) User Editor 2014-11-11

VBulletin 3.8.5 - Quick (Inline) User Editor

  1. AlanCIT

    This modification adds an inline user editor to your forums. This means that you can edit your users directly from their posts, without ever having to enter the Admin CP.

    It is fully controlled via the Usergroup system. This means that you can allow Admininistrators to edit all parts of a users account, allow Super Moderators to do everything but change usernames, and delete accounts, and allow Moderators to only change profile fields and the users options. The choice is entirely yours.

    The full list of Usergroup Permissions that can be used are:
    • Can Use Quick User Editor (this stops the usergroup using any part of the Quick User Editor)
    • Can Edit Usernames
    • Can Change Passowrds
    • Can Edit Email Addresses
    • Can Edit Signatures
    • Can Edit Profile Information (location / birthday / usertitle / etc)
    • Can Edit Instant Messaging Details (includes support for Skype)
    • Can Edit Usergroups (primary and secondary)
    • Can Edit User Options
    • Can Delete User Accounts
    • Can Delete Avatars
    • Can Delete Profile Pictures

    These permissions allow you as the forum administrator to delegate some user management tasks to your moderators without having to give them access to the Admin CP.


    Follow the quick and easy steps in install.txt :tup:


    Edit User Menu Item (in Postbit):

    An example of a very limited permission set, you might wish to use this for moderators for example:

    Full user editor (part 1):

    Full user editor (part 2):

    AdminCP Usergroup Permissions:


    If you allow your moderators / super mods to edit Usergroups using this tool, they CAN change administrators usergroups. If you do not trust your staff 100%, then don't allow them to change usergroups :D
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