vBulletin vBulletin 3.8.5 - Moderation Auto-PM v3.0 2014-11-11

vBulletin 3.8.5 - Moderation Auto-PM v3.0

  1. AlanCIT

    Moderation Auto-PM allows your forum to automatically send a private message to the user when their thread, post or attachment is moderated using the Thread Tools, or Inline Moderation Tools.

    It currently has support for Threads, Posts and Attachments, and supports the following actions:
    • Move
    • Delete and Undelete
    • Stick and Unstick
    • Open and Close
    • Approve and Unapprove
    • Edit

    It has a full selection of options in the vBulletin AdminCP that allow you to turn off sending of private messages for specific actions.

    Moderation Auto-PM is fully phrased allowing you to edit any of the private message text for any of the actions to your liking. The messages are constructed using a fully featured template-style replacement system. More information on this can be found in the install.txt

    You can also include a signature on each message, globally exclude forums from sending private messages plus lots more!


    Please refer to the install.txt file - nice and simple though, upload a couple of files and import the product xml :)


    There isn't really anything to screenshot unfortunately, it's just a bunch of PMs with fully customizable / translatable message titles and text :D
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