vBulletin 4.x Timeline 1.0.0

Facebook Timeline style of latest threads

  1. ChrisTERiS
    Timeline is an addon that I coded for my own use and I'm releasing to the community in case that you want to use it. As it has been coded for me, the current version maybe has some limitations that you will not like. For example as I don't hide threads per usergroup permissions it shows activity from all threads. But read below my ToDo list.
    1. Important notices to avoid wasting your time:
      1. It does not getting data from activity but from real forums. This is because I wanted to show threads and not posts. But it does shows posts under the thread if you click on the comments counter.
      2. It does not shows Blogs, Articles, Photos etc (but read my ToDo list).
      3. It does not takes in action visibility according to usergroup permissions.
    2. Available Options
      1. Amount of Threads to show
      2. Show xxx characters from thread text
      3. Include "Closed" threads or not
      4. Amount of comments per thread
      5. Show xxx characters from comment (post) text
      6. Show comments with oldest at top or newest at top
      7. Use facebook style "Time ago" or normal date format
      8. Use in Timeline Light or Dark interface

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