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10x as many results as XenForo search. 10x faster than vBulletin search.

  1. New Threadloom plugin update – released 2017-08-21

    On Monday we released a plug-in update that includes a minor backend update to support Threadloom Newsletter and adds compression. Compression saves 80% of bandwidth and 5-10% of sync time. Full release notes.
  2. All versions: Image search

    Image search is now available for all Threadloom customers.
    • If you’re already using Threadloom, just install the latest plug-in from the Threadloom Portal (v2.0.6 or later for XenForo, v2.0.8 or later for vBulletin). Then, in the Portal, go to Search Settings and turn on Image Search. Just like with its sister feature, Custom Search Tabs, there is no additional charge for Image...
  3. 2.0.8 – released 2017-06-13 ... 2.0.7 – released 2017-06-08

    2.0.8 – released 2017-06-13

    Better handling of real-time index update requests for new and edited threads and posts. Better ensures that site performance does not degrade due to API backend latency or outages.

    • Real-time index update requests run only after a XenForo database transaction completes.
    • Real-time index update API request length is capped so forum visitors don't experience delays when saving changes.
    • ...
  4. 2.0.6 – released 2017-05-18

    Snappy and powerful new UI!
    • Users can now easily filter by forum, user, and date (+prefix in XenForo).
    • Results update in realtime.
    • Supports type-ahead.
    Filter dropdown:
    TMC_-_Forum_Dropdown - resize.png

    Multi-select + typeahead:
    TMC_-_selections_+_type-ahead - resize.png

    Date picker:
    TMC_-_Date_picker - resize.png

    Filters in use:
    TMC_-_Filters_enabled - resize.png
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