vBulletin 4.x Team Talk 1.0.0

Multiuser Conversation System

  1. ChrisTERiS
    1.- What's this?

    Just like normal PMs but with the ability to start a conversation with multiple users. Let's say an offline chat.

    2.- Features
    • Multiuser (max participants depending on usergroup permissions)
    • Depending on your role in the conversation you can:
      • Unsubscribe
      • Close it
      • Re-Open it
    • Search as you type user selection
    • PM notifications for:
      • New conversation that you've selected to participate
      • New Reply
      • On Closing conversation
      • On Re-Opening conversation
    • Maximum concurent active conversations depening on usergroup permissions
    • Maximum participants in conversation depending on usergroup permissions
    • Single Image upload per post
    3.- Installation
    1. Download and unzip the latest file
    2. Upload the content of upload/ folder to your forum directory
    3. CMOD 777 the directories
      1. teamtalk/photos
      2. teamtalk/photos/thumbs/
      3. teamtalk/photos/tmp
    4. Import product-teamtalk.xml from your admincp
    5. Check and modify if needing the TeamTalk General Options
    6. Set Usergroup permissions
    7. About the link. Currently the link to the mod is as Tab Menu. If you want to place it somewhere else the link must be: teamtalk.php and the permissions for access teamtalk
    4.- Copyright Link

    No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.


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    4. options.jpg
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