Universal Seal Badges + PSD 2014-11-12

Seal Badges + PSD

  1. Shelley
    PSD Supplied?:
    Changes made upon request?:


    Summary: A selection of seal badges. You can modify/re-colour/resize so your not limited to the colours or sizes shown in the preview. Only the PSD is supplied as it would be pointless in releasing other formatted icons when users will have different text/wording.

    The PSD is sliced so it's an easy one click save. Also, the icons are vectored which means re-colouring them takes 2 seconds as does resizing etc.

    I used the font Tahoma with the settings Bold, size at 11pt (within the black area) with the anti_aliasing setting on Sharp

    Find more Graphic sets at vBImageworks.com.​
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