XenForo Positively Pastel Post Ratings 1a

Pastel coloured positive-only post rating set

  1. Lisa
    PSD Supplied?:
    Changes made upon request?:
    A small set of pastel-coloured positive post ratings to be used with Luke Foreman's Post Rating add-on.

    Look nice against light or dark backgrounds.

    scratch.png uixdark.png

    May make additional ones upon request, if time permits.
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Recent Updates

  1. Additional Icon

Recent Reviews

  1. Stoker
    Version: 1a
    Very nice, but waiting to make all of them including negative and neutral ratings. I like using Font-awesome icons. Please try to update this resource to include all icons :)
    1. Lisa
      Author's Response
      If you post a list of suggestions, I may include them. Post Ratings are usually specific to each site using it, so I just want with some basic ones.
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