vBulletin [OzzModz] Site Founder/Owner Post Identification (vB4) v1.0.1

Site Founder/Owner Post Identification

  1. ozzy47
    Another mod brought to you by,

    This mod will add a identification to the postbit of the userid's that are set as founder/owner.

    It is a simple installation, upload the contents of the UPLOAD folder then import the product XML, ozzmodz_owner_post

    You can edit the options under the settings, [OzzModz] Site Founder/Owner Post Identification Settings

    You can see it in action here, September 29th 2014 News it is what is displayed above the thread title, September 29th 2014 News

    Complete Feature List
    • Option to disable the mod completely.
    • Option to select which userid's are to be considered founders/owners.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q. Why do I need such a thing, you ask?

    A. Some admins might like to have their posts stand out more than other posts.

    Q. How do I change the text, Founder Of XXXX ?

    A. Edit the phrase, ozzmodz_owner_post_founder.

    Q. How do I change the color of the text, Founder Of XXXX ?

    A. Edit the stylevar, ozzmodz_owner_post_color.

    Q. How do I change the images that are shown ?

    A. Edit the stylevars, ozzmodz_owner_post_founder and ozzmodz_owner_post_owner. ozzmodz_owner_post_founder is the image that is displayed on the left and ozzmodz_owner_post_owner is the image that is displayed on the right.


    * History (Changelog) *
    v1.0.0 (October 5, 2014)
    - Initial public release.

    v1.0.1 (March 14, 2015)
    - Version checking now done on OzzModz.

    owner post 1.jpg

    owner post 2.jpg
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