vBulletin [OzzModz] Global Admin / Mod Notes In ACP / MODCP (vB4) (vB3.8) v1.0.1

Global Admin / Mod Notes In ACP / MODCP

  1. ozzy47
    Another mod brought to you by,

    Here is a small modification you can use to show a block in the ACP / MODCP that contains notes admins typed in.

    Only Admins can type notes in the block, if you choose to let Mods view them, that is all they can do, they can not add notes.

    It is a simple installation, just import the product XML, product-ozzmodz_global_admin_note

    You can edit the options under the settings, OzzModz: Global Admin / MOD Notes Settings

    Complete Feature List
    • Option to disable the mod completely.
    • Option to show the notes to moderators in the MODCP.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q. Why would I need such a mod?

    A. The current Administrator Notes, only show up for the person that typed them, these notes will show up to all admins / mods, better to communicate things in the ACP / MODCP that way.


    v1.0.0 Initial release.
    v1.0.1 (March 13, 2015)
    - Version checking now done on OzzModz.

    global notes 1.jpg
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