vBulletin [OzzModz] Exclude Forums From Activity Stream (vB4) v1.1.2

Exclude Forums From Activity Stream

  1. ozzy47
    Another mod brought to you by,

    Here is a small modification you can use to exclude forums from showing in the Activity Stream.

    It is a simple installation, just import the product XML, product-ozzmodz_excl_activ_stream

    You can edit the options under the settings, OzzModz: Exclude Forums From Activity Stream Settings

    Complete Feature List
    • Option to disable the mod completely.
    • Option to select which forums, new threads / posts won't show in the activity stream.

    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Q. Why do I need such a thing, you ask?

    A. You may have forums that have results from a sporting event, and some members may not have watched it yet. So if they were to view the Activity Stream, they might see the results that another user posted, spoiling their unknown outcome of the event.

    Q. I installed this, selected the forums, but viewing the activity stream, they still show?

    A. This only will work on newly posted threads / posts, not ones already posted.


    v1.0.0 Initial release.
    v1.1.0 Changed the forum setting from entering ID's to a forum selector.
    v1.1.1 Should have now fixed some users reporting that the mod was not working.
    v1.1.2 (March 13, 2015) Version checking now done on OzzModz.

    excl activity stream.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. markoroots
    Version: v1.1.2
    Really useful mod. Great Ozzy.
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