Universal Miri Buttons (TEAL version) 2014-11-12

Miri Buttons (TEAL version)

  1. Marianna
    PSD Supplied?:
    Changes made upon request?:
    GRAPHIC TYPE:- Button Set
    SOFTWARE USAGE: IPB, but can be used on any board
    CHANGES MADE UPON REQUEST: Yes - only if I've got time, which a very rare thing lately. Anyway, they can be edited for personal use only (i.e. only to use them for your forum), just don't claim them as your own.
    NOTES: there's also a blue version of this set here
    Just a note - they are .png files and they do have a transparent background (I saved these files as .png due to quality issues). I do not know if IE 7 fixed the transparent .png files issue, if it has not fixed it, then I'd suggest changing the background of the icons according to the background colors of your forums where those icons should be displayed. You can do that just on paint, really, no need for an advanced software


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