vBulletin 4.x Memberlist 1.0.1

A featured Memberlist replacement

  1. ChrisTERiS
    1.- What's this?

    Memberlist is a vBulletin 4x AddOns which replaces the standard Memberlist with a new one, more beatiful and with many more features.

    2.- Copyright Link

    No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.

    3.- Features
    • You can set which Usergroups to show in Memberlist
    • Homepage with 3 sections where you can promote some Members of your site (eg The Support Team, The Site's Founder etc). You can assign userid(s) per section and also give a custom title for it.
    • Adds a new Menu in Usercp in Networking section where the user can set their ids in some popular social networks like:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google Plus
      • Linkedin
    • In Frontend each Member Profile shows:
      • Avatar
      • Username
      • Online/Offline status
      • Usertitle
      • Location
      • Age
      • vB build-in messenger links: Icq, Aim, Msn, Skype, Yahoo
      • Social Links: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin
      • Homepage link
      • Button-Link to add that member in your buddy list
    • Powerful Search by:
      • Username starting Letter
      • Partial Username
      • Usergroup
      • Location
      • Age range
      • Join in last xx days
      • Posts more than xx
      • All 10 messenger and social options
    • Other Information in Sidebar:
      • Ajax Tab for Member Statistics with 3 tabs:
        • Online Now
        • Just Join Us
        • Usergroups with totals
      • Ajax Tab for Top Posters with 3 tabs:
        • Top Posters this Week
        • Top Posters this Month
        • Top Posters this Year

Recent Reviews

  1. tacticool
    Version: 1.0.1
    Just what I needed! Well done!!
  2. leemart44
    Version: 1.0.1
    nice mod thanks
    1. ChrisTERiS
      Author's Response
      Thank you. Really appreciated.