vBulletin Glossy Forum Status Icons (Blue) 2014-11-09

Glossy Forum Status Icons (Blue)

  1. Shelley



    Summary: Glossy Forum Status Icons.
    Board Software: vBulletin though the icons can be renamed and adapted for other forum software.
    Format: .Png
    Additonal Notes: Other coloured variations will be posted soon. Visit frequently to check in separate threads for other coloured versions of this set.

    Conditions of use: This pack may be used on forums, websites but cannot be redistributed or repackaged in any way shape or form for any reason without prior consent of the author.

Recent Reviews

  1. zoldos
    Version: 2014-11-09
    Very cool node icons! They look awesome on my forum, and I like them a lot better than the ones that came with my style. Thanks!
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