Universal Generic Nav Bars (4 colours/3 states) + sprites/HTML markup 2014-11-12

Generic Nav Bars (4 colours/3 states) + sprites/HTML markup

  1. EthanJ
    PSD Supplied?:
    Changes made upon request?:
    GRAPHIC TYPE: Generic Nav Bar. Similar style to my recent buttons post.
    PSD SUPPLIED: Yes. Also, full html/css examples with sprites.
    CHANGES MADE UPON REQUEST: Maybe. Very easy to modify in Photoshop though.


    The colours and styles contained within the PSD are more usage guidelines than final navbars so please edit and customise them to suit your needs.

    Usage Examples:

    Attached to this post and mirrors to Rapidshare below, is a series of examples of how you could possibly implement the bars on your site or project.

    As with the rest of the graphics, you are free to redistribute, reuse or modify the code as suits your needs.

    Usage and Distribution

    Use, modify or redistribute however you like. But please leave the PSD and examples in their original state. If you do use it feel free to drop me a link at the address contained in the PSD and the examples :)

    PSD attached to post, but also a RS mirror:

    And the examples (70kb zip archive):

    Good luck and enjoy :)
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