vBulletin 4.x GDPR Cookie Consent 1.0.1

EU Cookie consent GDPR compliant

  1. ChrisTERiS
    Unlike other Cookie Consents this one:
    • Is EU GDPR compliant
    • Allow users to select which cookies to accept and which not.
    • Allow users to select cookie life
    • Allow users to Reset cookies at any time
    • You can turn On/Off any of Statistics/Marketing options
    • You can add more than one js code per option. Just don't forget to include this extra information.
    1. Upload the content of upload folder to your vB4 installation
    2. Login to admincp and Import product-gdpr-cookies.xml
    3. Goto Settings-> Options-> Cookie Consent (GDPR) Options and set them according to your needs.
    *** IMPORTANT ***

    When you add the javascript code to Options (and save them), you must remove that code from your templates !!

    1. Does not works with mobile templates.
    2. Is 100% Free, but keep my copyright link in place.
    PRO version

    With $10 (One time payment), you can support my work, getting in exchange a special version with 2 extra features:
    1. Mobile Templates
    2. Brand Free (No Copyright Text/Link).
    Live Demo



    1. cookie_banner.jpg
    2. cookie_detail.jpg
    3. cookie_options_1.jpg
    4. cookie_options_2.jpg
    5. cookie_reset.jpg

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  1. markoroots
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great plugin as all the others of ChrisTeris. Many thanks.
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