XenForo Basic text manipulation BB Codes for XF2 2018-12-18

BB Codes for XF2

  1. Matthew S
    A set of BB codes that do basic text manipulation using common web coding techniques. I originally released these for XF1.5 here. I have updated these for XF2.

    Background Colour : Changes the background colour of the wrapped text.
    Scrolling Box : Inserts a scrolling box with a user definable height.
    Case : Change the case of text.
    Divide : Create a nice divider between sections of content.
    Font Awesome : Add font awesome icons to posts/threads.
    Header : Add a Header.
    Justify : Justify Align Text.
    Panel : Inserts a panel with an optional coloured background.
    Preserved Formatting : A fixed-pitch font with preserved spaces and line breaks, useful for tabulated columns.
    Sub Header : Adds a sub header.
    Subscript Text : Small text below the normal line of type.
    Superscript Text : Small text above the normal line of type


    1. matthew_s_bb_codes.png
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