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    New Feed added, Aug 15, 2017
  1. PoetJC

    Ugh. I logged in after a couple days hiatus and thought WOW! WTF?! TAZ is super-busy and has gotten it's mojo back... Only to be slightly disappointed to see 100s of new #feeder threads with little-to-several views each -- depending on the article of course -- yet no responses. I'm not sure feeder is a great idea to get TAZ busy again, if indeed that's it's purpose, as well as providing information of course... At the end of 4 pages clicking the read button - I simply browsed through quickly to see other avatars that weren't feeder, read those threads and used the mark forums read link. Anyway...

    SoulwatcherSoulwatcher - Love you dude - but I have to say it was I that suggested the #hashtags ... So I hate that you hate the suggestion LOL. I thought it would get more use actually. It's just a way to see what members consider trending topics of discourse on TAZ, as well as a way to kinda bookmark content for TAZ public, without actually bookmarking content with the bookmarks functionality. I think it's a great idea anyway.

    Pretty kewl of you to make the really first 'member-official' TAZ blog and use it for it's actual intended purpose! :tup:

  2. TAZ should have #hashtags, Jul 26, 2017
  3. PoetJC

    OMG I was fiending for #chocolate earlier. I wanted #fudge actually; something thick yehehe.
    I got chocolate though and it sufficed .. And then there's tomorrow to look forward to LOL - And wow. #hashtags implemented? YAY :tup:

  4. TAZ should have #hashtags, Jul 26, 2017
  5. TAZ should have #hashtags, Jul 26, 2017
  6. PoetJC

    They would get more use than the actual default tags functionality. I know it.
    I used to hate them as well - but now ... The concept seems so familiar. I don't use Twitter - but I see a lot of Facebook users actually using hashtags as a means of 'bookmarking' their content for future reference. For instance - I hashtag recipes on Facebook with #YUM and can easily reference each of the hashtagged posts. It's convenient and an easy way to reference others' content with the same hashtag. I'm kinda on the fence as well as concerns TAZ use of hashtags - but straddling the fence while having the ability to reference others' stuff seems a good idea. Even though I voted 'hell yeah' - could probably take it or leave it...

    I wasn't familiar with them either. Saw a bunch of friends using them on Facebook and found that each #hashtag is actually linked to same and/or similar content. In terms of SEO - I think #hashtagging content on TAZ could be quite interesting and a means of boosting activity. You see another member has #hashtagged post, click the link and perhaps add to the conversation = Win-win for the share of enlightenment :D

    It can be t3xtsp3Ak ... But the majority? No.
    I think #hashtags can be useful for saying #vBulletinStuff or #BestXenforoAddon, etc... And TAZ generally is not a community that does t3xtspeAk. It's generally a forum of website/forum administrators trying to better their craft, maintaining an adult level of sophistication. You're likely thinking of how it can be abused as opposed to the positives...

    LisaLisa was critiquing my #WordPress install earlier. She gave some insightful commentary regarding #GraphicDesign.
    Yesterday several members uploaded their #vBulletinPlugins to the TAZ resource manager. It'd be a kewl to click the #hashtag and find similar content. I mean - even if I were to hashtag #HorribleMusic in the 'what you listening to thread' ... perhaps someone else had share their horrible music with the #hashtag. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that the hashtag functionality (could?) would index like-minded discussion for easy access. Perhaps you could hashtag #GamingGeek in one of the myriad TAZ threads that deal with gaming and have the hashtag go 'viral' for other TAZ members who want to speaking about their experience as a #GamingGeek LOL IDK...

    Just an idea/suggestion.