Types of e-commerce

  1. There are many types of electronic commerce

    Generally, when we think of e-commerce, then we think of an online commercial transaction between a supplier and a client. However, this idea is true, but in fact, we can divide e-commerce into six main types, with all the different features.

    There are 4 basic types of e-commerce:

    1) Business-to-Consumer (B2C):

    In this business, a business sells products or services directly to consumer on the internet.

    For example, you buy anything from Amazon, Flipkart or any other site.

    2) Business-to-Business (B2B):

    Here companies sell products or services to other companies on the Internet.

    In this type of e-commerce, there are both participants and business, consequently, the volume and value of B2B e-commerce can be very large.

    3) Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

    When consumer sells any other consumer his product on the Internet, then this transaction is called Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C).

    In this, a consumer can sell his own old car, a bike to other consumer directly through the Internet.

    Generally, these transactions are done through third parties, which provide an online platform. For this, many companies like Olx charge consumer for service or offer free services.

    4) Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

    The traditional understanding of the exchange of goods in C2B is a complete reversal.

    One example of this is to provide online requirements to make a consumer web site, and many companies offer it to create a web site at a good price. Similarly, holiday packages or insurance can also be examples of this.

    ~Ronish Baxter

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