I'm a poet ... In a slump. Help and I give you Origami Secret!!

By PoetJC · Aug 16, 2017 · ·
  1. So... I'm Jacquii and joined TAZ in July of 2006 when I opened my JPiC Forum For Writers poetry forum... Thus my TAZ username PoetJC. The forum has basically been dead for years now. I actually started a rebuild/redesign of it several months ago, with the idea of re-branding with the domain PoetryInColor.online ... I think it's a very special and unique design actually that needs to be fixed in certain spots and completed in others. Thing is ... I kinda lost interest in its development when getting involved with a few clients' website & forum design projects. Perhaps I'll finish it and ultimately start promoting member participation again? I really have no idea at the moment.

    A few questions for forum admins/owners/moderators/staff ... What do you do to inspire yourself to finish website/forum projects that you had once dedicated yourself to completing? Have you ever had the inclination to just simply quit a project you've worked rather diligently on; Just give up? If yes - what have you done to overcome the hurdles of such a loss of interest? What CAN be done to re-inspire and reinvigorate your drive to get the project in the end zone for a touchdown?

    I swear ... I want to finish the project so badly and open the new design for posting. But there's no inspiration. I have quite a few friends on Facebook that I met on JPiC and we've kept in contact over the past several years. They're constantly asking if I'm going to actually complete the design. And ... Basically I'm out to lunch, trying desperately to find the same initiative, drive and excitement to complete it that I have when munching on a fresh Jet's Italian sausage with extra cheese deep dish.

    I started. Lost focus and it's rather .... depressing in a way - just knowing that a project you had a complete fervor for completing and reintroducing to the world is now collecting dust.. And I need to know how to get out of this slump!!!

    So ... Have you ever found yourself in a similar type of slump? What do you do to dig yourself out of it???

    Anyway... It's interesting - this blog thing... I only wanted to share a poem that I accidentally opened in MS Word earlier this evening, and find myself writing about an admin type subject. Hmmm. And I'm not even sure how my "Writing" folder was even opened, as I haven't written in weeks, don't generally write in Word any longer and haven't thought about the JPiC rebuild in about as long. So - I'm hoping to find some suggestions on rebooting the passion I had.

    ORIGAMI SECRET. It needs an edit process, an extra line reading somewhere that "I whistle my own birdsong story" or some such ... IDK. But this is one of my favorites. It was actually published in a poetry collection back in 2008. I haven't thought about it in years and just wanted to share it tonight... Let me know if you appreciate it :angrybird5:



    Origami Secret

    Birds in Spring don't smell
    like lilacs.

    Their shells crack
    when you whisper "I love you" wrong.

    Their throne is delicate and their wings
    like paper origami.

    Their sense of urgency
    is the Mulatta fiending freedom's secret.

    Yes their wings: origami secrets.

    And though I amble, deliciously poeting;
    paper & pen of borrowed-cap fame,

    mine own camera capturing the thievery
    of their caged-bird essence,

    I refuse to whistle their song.
    And I refuse to whistle their song.

    Yay! That I know the
    caged-bird in his ultimate and unending beauty.

    He is only I, and I: an origami secret.

    Copyright © 2006 Jacquii Cooke
    "To the love of my life - my origami secret. I love you A"

    About Author

    I'm Jacquii. I'm not only a girl, but I am a poet, a webmistress, a designer and lover of ... a myriad of ... stuff.. I'm a great admirer of mirroring respect and hail from the great state of Tennessee. The doctrine I try to live life by is rather simple: Live and let live by loving and letting love.

    Thanks for reading. Muah!!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Lisa
    "Poetry from the Poetess"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 16, 2017
    Nice blog post and I really liked your poem! :)
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    1. PoetJC
      Thanks so much. It's one of my own favorite poems - Kinda personal innuendo of me and my soulmates life from back in 2006. Kinda difficult being the caged-bird - but there is ultimately beauty in the escape of sorts LOL. I appreciate the love girlie! Thanks.


  1. haqzore
    really awesome stuff.

    sorry for such a short comment, but, to get motivated i typically step away for however long it takes to be "bugged" by the fact im not doing something :p
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    1. PoetJC
      That's just it - I was working on my own design - kinda frustrated about upgrading some functionality and style - then was commissioned to work on a clients' website. Haven't quite 'found' the time to get back to my own just yet. But I think I will...
  2. MarkFL
    Hello Jacquii!

    I tend to go through periods of intense creativity and initiative where I get lots of projects going (coding and mathematical works), followed by slumps where I really don't want to do anything except participate on the sites I help staff. Any projects that weren't completed will typically get reevaluated once I come out of my slump.

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  3. MarkFL
    Some never get done, and I try not to sweat it. I just figure that there are some things that I'm just not going to complete for whatever reason...usually a dawning realization that I have a lack of interest in it. I try to focus on the bigger picture that I am getting most things done, and making a contribution...making the world ever so slightly better than I found it, which is something I think just about everyone here at TAZ can relate to. :)
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    1. PoetJC
      Absolutely can related to what you've just said. And I have been making substantial contributions on a clients' websites & forums network. Just a bit frustrated that I haven't yet come back to my own project. I think I will eventually though. I think the test will come when the Namecheap domain renewal finally arrives to my inbox LOL.
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  4. Soulwatcher
    Jacquii, your a amazing person and a inspiration to me. When you put your mind to it you can do anything. If I were you I would make a plan/roadmap on what you would like to do with the website and when you would like to get them accomplished and start checking them off as you go.

    P.S. That's what I did with my website this time, I made a plan and took action and it was worked out really well for me.
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    1. PoetJC
      Great idea great. I had an outline of sorts - more like a todo list - and a LOT has been accomplished. Yet there's quite a bit more work needed to bring the upgrade to 100% ... I appreciate the kind words dude! You inspire me as well. And your website/forum is looking amazing. The members seem really happy with it too = Awesomesauce!
  5. PoetJC
    I appreciate the kind comments and words of inspiration you guys! I will definitely get back to the design when I have a bit of time to actually consider the final direction I'd like to take the site to.. And actually reading some of the comments - I think what I'm going through is not as much a slump - as it is that a lot of my creativity is being used elsewhere. One day I'll find the time to bring the creativity back home to Mama Jacq LOL. Much appreciation for the suggestions guys and gal!
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  6. PoetJC
    :love: Grateful for these lines.
    It now begins to make a bit more sense: life.

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