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Stage theories in general describe how we go through distinct stages as we develop. Thus, rather than gradually changing, we typically make sudden shifts to different plateaus of perception and...
Here's a quick way to tell if you have a community versus an audience:

If conversation is mainly between you and your members, that's most likely an audience.

If conversation is mainly between members...
How can a community benefit the members?


While things like discounts or access to the team are the reason people may visit, these are the real reasons...
How can a community decrease costs?

Call / Ticket Deflection
Reduced Marketing Costs
Product / Content Development
Long-term SEO

Members & Staff

  1. Ten Laws of Community Management

    Well, this is interesting. Apparently I now have a blog, with my previous article on community management having been converted to a post on it. No, I'm not sure that's the case either. Perhaps The Sandman...
  2. Community Management 101: All Members Are Equal

    As you may know, I’ve been writing articles about community management for a while now. I’ve written them for, with a general focus on that software and how it can be adapted for a good forum....

Increasing Traffic

Off Topic

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms are bad for communities and humanity, because the core concepts behind them damage the fabric of our world. This article explores why this is the case.
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