• Levinger's Stage Theory

    Description Stage theories in general describe how we go through distinct stages as we develop. Thus, rather than gradually changing, we typically make sudden shifts to different plateaus of perception and behavior. This may be associated with 'aha's of sudden understanding. Levinger's Relationship Stage Theory...
  • Community vs Audience

    Here's a quick way to tell if you have a community versus an audience: If conversation is mainly between you and your members, that's most likely an audience. If conversation is mainly between members of your segment, that's a community.
  • Elements of Consumer Value

    [URL][/URL] When customers evaluate a product or service, they weigh its perceived value against the asking price. Marketers have generally focused much of their time and energy on managing the price side of that equation, since raising prices can immediately boost profits. But...
  • How community benefit the members?

    How can a community benefit the members? Acceptance Appreciation Belonging Companion Esteem While things like discounts or access to the team are the reason people may visit, these are the real reasons why people stay and participate. My personal quote: Come for the Content. Stay for the Community. It...
  • How community can decrease costs?

    How can a community decrease costs? Call / Ticket Deflection Reduced Marketing Costs Product / Content Development Long-term SEO
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