Using Rafflecopter for Forum Giveaways

By JulieVA · Mar 23, 2013 ·
  1. JulieVA
    Using Rafflecopter for Forum Giveaways*
    *This is a follow up to Using Contests & Giveaways to Increase Forum Traffic

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    Table of Contents
    1. What is Rafflecopter?
    2. Tips
    3. Outcomes
    4. Conclusion


    1. What is Rafflecopter?
    Rafflecopter is a customizable & embeddable (html) giveaway entry system. Rafflecopter Basic is free. You can sign up for Rafflecopter and view Rafflecopter FAQs here. Please review the Rafflecopter FAQs before reading the rest of this article.

    Image Samples:

    ai1002.photobucket.com_albums_af144_OurMomSpot_46c360be_88f4_4d5b_b7cd_b6aeb4893dda_zpsd93d4392.jpg ai1002.photobucket.com_albums_af144_OurMomSpot_61db4855_6632_47ff_acd5_6fb24e19274c_zpsd568a7df.jpg

    2. Tips
    • Set up a test giveaway and play around with your form until you are very comfortable using it. Note: Changes are instant - there is no need to recopy & re-paste html code to re-create your giveaway form each time you make changes.
    • Rafflecopter forms tend to use server resources, so once you're done with a giveaway, remove the form.
    • Pay special attention to the Terms & Conditions portion of your Rafflecopter form. (Refer to Avoiding Trouble in Using Contests & Giveaways to Increase Forum Traffic.)

    We embed a Rafflecopter form within a designated page on our site. We also post an official giveaway announcement to accompany it. You'll need to do what works for you.

    3. Outcomes
    We have used Rafflecopter for a few giveaways and here's what we've experienced so far:

    1) Site traffic increased significantly
    Many people in my niche (parenting) are used to Rafflecopter forms for entering giveaways. Some people in the parenting niche openly state they will not enter giveaways if no Rafflecopter form is present. Advertising an "easy Rafflecopter entry" for a popular prize is a sure way to get more than a few clicks on your site.

    2) Quality site traffic increased only slightly
    Rafflecopter forms do not appear to attract many people who are interested in belonging to a community.

    3) Bounce Rate
    Giveaways, especially those run with a Rafflecopter Form tend to increase your site's Bounce Rate since 1) most people who enter giveaways are not usually at your site to stay and 2) many people attempt to cheat the Rafflecopter Form. Giveaway participants can click the entry tasks in the form to indicate they completed an entry action without actually completing it. For sites that make commenting a mandatory giveaway entry, this is something to be on the lookout for.

    4. Conclusion
    A few thoughts about staying power: Increased site traffic is great; however, you need to ensure your forum is rich with content which will make a visitor want to join as a member and make them want to return to your forum again and again. Don't win the battle and lose the war by hosting contests and giveaways ...and having loads of new folks join to win a prize...without making sure your forum is worth returning to.

    Keep in mind that, depending on your niche, giveaways may attract people who are not actually interested in your site; so set realistic goals for your giveaways.

    I hope that this article was helpful to you as you look for easier ways to rum giveaways on your site.

    Important note: *This is a follow up to Using Contests & Giveaways to Increase Forum Traffic

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